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Ever wanted to see pics inside each log? (Firefox extension)

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The Firefox Text-to-Image extension allows you to see pics (instead of pic links) inside logs on geocaching.com.


If you want geocaching.com logs to look like this:




instead of this:




Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. If you are using IE install Firefox 3 and open the program

Step 2. Follow this link and install the Text-to-Image extension

Step 3. Restart Firefox

Step 4. Click the Red Typhoon in the lower right hand corner of Firefox to make it a Jade Typhoon like so:




That's it.

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Another possibility to achieve a similar result is the Geothumbs Greasemonkey script, which does much the same without the need for a dedicated Firefox extension (except for Greasemonkey itself, of course)




Thanks -- this version appears to avoid the blacklist/whitelist issue with the "text to image" extension (I hope).


Yeah I wish Text-to-Image had a Whitelist, it does have a Blacklist though. I didn't know about geothumbs, looks cool too, but Text-to-Image comes in handy in other places too and has an easy toggle on/off button.

Someone should submit geothumbs to userscript.org.


Glad people are enjoying and using it. Hope it helps your hunts!

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