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I have almost over 40 trackables in caches and with other cachers is it rude of me to ask a cacher what his plans are for the TB or geocoin after he has had it for two weeks?

No it's not rude but good luck! :rolleyes: Only very rarely when I have e-mailed has any action ever happened in regards to a coin or TB of mine that was being held hostage (or out right stolen).



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As long as your emails are friendly and polite, it is never rude to email someone and ask. As long as it hasn't been just a couple of days. People need time to get home and log. But it sounds like you may have a few out there waiting longer than that. Always be polite, because the worst thing someone can do is send an angry email that might offend someone into tossing the bug or coin into a cache without even logging it, or worse, into the trash can. I'm sure you wouldn't do that! :rolleyes:

Good luck.

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As long as your emails are friendly and polite, it is never rude to email someone and ask.

My e-mails have always been polite. I start with saying hello and then say that they have been holding onto my TB/Coin for X amount of time. Remind them that the item in question is a traveler and ask them would they please place said item in a cache or hand it off to a more active cacher ASAP. I sign off with a thank you and my caching name. And still usually get no reply or action regarding the item in question. This has not stopped me from activating TBs & geocoins & releasing them occasionally, tho. It's a bit sad when a TB/Coin goes AWOL but I don't take it too personally (other than renaming said TB/Coin as "CF30's STOLEN -fill-in-blank- geocoin/TB", LOL :rolleyes: . I have several of those).


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