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What's the next "state" for Garmin? [fun]

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So, we've got a Colorado series and some leaked info about an Oregon series, which sounds kinda like a Colorado with a touch-screen. Does that mean Colorado is more old-fashioned, and Oregon is more touchy-feely?


And if Garmin has another state-themed handheld in the works, what state will it be? The Rhode Island would have to be the smallest handheld unit ever.


Maybe they'll name one after a Canadian province? Like, say, the Garmin Quebec, in which all text would be in both English and French. <rimshot>


Any other takers?


This thread is intended to be for light-hearted speculation and poking fun at geographic stereotypes. Actual product information may be found elsewhere.

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New Jersey


Top of my list for vacation hot spots.! :D:D


I was joking about this recently with some local cachers. The Garmin New Jersey would yell obscenities at you if it detects that you are driving too slow or have taken a wrong turn, ya moron. :P


The Garmin Florida would have to have very large text, an extra loud voice, and would give you speed warnings if you go any faster than 10 MPH below the posted speed limit. Driving instructions would include "move over to far left lane, and slow down."


However, the size of the Florida would easily be outdone by the Garmin Texas. This would by far be the largest GPS unit in the lineup, powered by diesel and featuring such extra options as mud flaps and protective leather chaps for those rough environments.


For the eco-conscious, the Garmin California would be powered by solar energy. It wouldn't be very useful, however, not only because the ever-present warning that radio waves have been accused of leading to increased canker risk takes up more than half of the display, but also because it won't give directional advice for fear of getting sued. :ph34r:


Finally, the Garmin New Hampshire is a pretty nice unit, but good luck using the turn-by-turn navigation. After sending you in circles for an hour or two with directions like "turn just past the Smith Farm" or "go straight past that field where the old barn used to be," the unit will proclaim that "you can't get there from here."

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