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  1. Thanks for all the help. I will definitely keep calling Garmin. Doing it early in the morning like you suggest sounds like a good idea.
  2. Well, The update is applied to the device, which has the maps loaded into its read/write flash, so no. I don't see a problem. Also, according to according to the Garmin NuMap Lifetime update web page, the update will work with the DVD as long as you are doing the update on the PC which you installed the DVD's (which I am). I see no problem at all especially when I was assured by Garmin before purchasing and activating this card that it would work with my Oregon 400t with the CNNA NT 2009 maps installed. DVD's are read only media. Updating requires a write operation. Do you perhaps see a problem?
  3. I have been trying for two days now, but can't get through. They have been responding by email and keep telling me to activate the card. I keep doing that and the web page keeps saying that I have no updates.
  4. The NuMaps Lifetime giftcard has to be activated. I am not trying to update an SD card, I am trying to update the CNNA NT 2009 DVD version of the maps. Registered the card? Are you trying to update a SD card version of NA? That probably won't work.
  5. Correct. The portion of MyGarmin where it shows my Oregon and the maps I have registered for it (CNNA NT 2009 Deluxe), at the very far right says "No Updates Available".
  6. I am connected and I am at my garmin page. I did register my Oregon and it is in the MyGarmin page. My Oregon says there are no updates available even after I have registered the card and added it to the device.
  7. I have City Navigator North America NT 2009 on my Garmin Oregon 400t. I just purchased and activated a NuMaps Lifetime card for North America map updates. I activated the card online and added it to my Oregon, but I keep getting a message saying there are no updates. I was told by Garmin Support that there is a 2011.30 update for these maps. Am I missing something?
  8. I tried to route to Ogden UT on the Nuvi 765T that I just purchased for my parents for Christmas and the Nuvi can't find it? This is a city of over 80,000 people. Does anyone else have the same trouble with this model? I am running the latest firmware and the maps which came with the unit.
  9. Since the specs have been published by Garmin, you could do it this way. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=...reProduct=63350
  10. I purchased City Navigator NT 2009 and put it on my Oregon 400t. It works quite well and I am happy with it.
  11. Yep. I always use north up when moving slow.
  12. Is any GPS going to perform very will in a city with tall buildings? You don't have a clear view of the sky and multi-path signals are everywhere. I think a map is what you really need.
  13. Me too. It routes just fine for my liking. I don't really want to spend money on two units. I hike, geocache, bike and drive. It seems like a very usable road navigation unit.
  14. It depends how you want to navigate. True north will match maps and bearings derived from maps. Magnetic north will match a compass bearing.
  15. I did call them. After waiting on hold for a half hour. I got a customer service rep. that was no help. Just told me try disc again and then call again if I had the same problem. I told her I tried 4 times, And was not going to wait on hold another half hour. I ask to be called back, but they do not this. Once again poor customer service. Have you tried another computer? Maybe your dvd drive is bad.
  16. Correct. Given a grade of 25% (which is pretty steep), you would have an angle of slightly greater than 14 degrees. If you hiked 20 miles according to the GPS, you would have really hiked 20.6. That is about 3% off. Given a more realistic 10% grade, you would have a 5.7 degree incline. If your GPS says 20 miles, you actually traveled almost 20.1 miles. That is not much in my book.
  17. I would switch units with your friend when he is not looking. Problem solved.
  18. Sounds like it is really only about 1800 feet off and not 2.5 miles like the Utah paper says.
  19. True, but under the same paths, my forerunner performs much better than my Oregon. Both units should be "tuned" to slower speeds as neither is meant to be a pure automotive gps (at least the Oregon should work this way in Geocaching, recreation and fitness mode). A hiking GPS and a fitness GPS should perform nearly the same under slower moving conditions.
  20. I agree. My Oregon 400t is very good at road speeds, but jumpy at walking speeds. My Garmin Forerunner 405 is very good at slow speeds, so I know we are not expecting too much.
  21. My Oregon 400t with 2.95 is also very erratic. It has not acted like this previously.
  22. post #1 has the link. Jim Let me rephrase my question. Without this thread, how are we supposed to find this software? It seems strange that Garmin does not put links to this on their website with the rest of the downloadable software and updates.
  23. What is up with Garmin and Basecamp. They don't list it on their software page: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download.jsp And, it can't be found by doing a search at their website.
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