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Coins in caches already found


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There are a few caches in a park near where I live, some mine and some belong to somebody else which I have also logged as finds. Quite often coins and TB's are left in these. Is it bad ettiquette to go back to a cache you have already found or to your own cache to 'grab' a coin or TB. Obviously I will log the coin as a find and move on soon, but just wanted to check it was ok, as I wouldnt want to log the cache find again

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Go to the cache page - click on log your visit, but instead of selecting Found It - select write a note/or add a note I forget which it is - then you can select the date and drop the coin from the inventory list underneath the message window - you will need to add a word or two in the message window for the log to be accepted.

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Well I know of a few folk that will head out to a cache already logged as a find just to discover a coin, you don't need to take and move the coin, just note the tracking number and log the coin as discovered. If you can help with the coins mission then by all means take it, and log the cache by note not as a found it, then move the coin along as normal.

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It's perfectly okay to hunt for coins in caches you've already found. So long as you make a note in the logbook you made a grab (a nice gesture to the next coin hound) and write a note to the cachepage that you grabbed the coin. And don't forget to log it out of the cache asap so anyone tracking it can see it made it's way into your inventory.

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I will go to caches I have already found to discover the coin, but I usually dont remove the coin unless it has been sitting there for a while. I personally dont think its bad form to remove a coin and help it along, especially if the coin has been stagnant for a while, as long as you give some of the other local geocachers a chance at grabbing the coin as well!


Happy caching,



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I do revisit caches from time to time to pick up a coin that I want to see/move. I typically drop a new coin of mine to take the place of the one I'm retrieving so others who haven't found the cache yet will still find a coin. But obviously that's not required.


And I only revisit a cache to retrieve a coin/TB that I know I can help with it's mission. It never ceases to amaze me how many people seem to ignore a traveler's mission. But that's another rant. ;)

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