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Logging trade items in cache logbook

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Is it imperative/important to log trade item movements in the cache logbook. Up to now I have not been meticulous about noting it in the logbook, only online, but in a recent cache it seemed folks expect one to say something in the logbook as well. What is the general view/normal practice?

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I have also been wondering about this - up to now I have generally noted both in the logbook as well as online what I have taken out and/or placed into a container - but notice that in many cases there is not a mention of what has gone into or out of a cache, only comments about the cache (which can be the subject of a separate thread) - some folk don't even bother to log removing/placing a TB or coin, which I think is wrong - at least the name of the bug or coin should be mentioned.


I will watch this with interest to see what others feel about it thanks Pooks for raising the matter

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When I move or drop a TB or a coin I note it in the logbook. I very seldom trade other items and when I do I record as well.


For me it is very important to especially log TB and coin movements in order to "audit" for missing coins and tomtwogates' missing coin comes to mind ... I would note a missing coin online and in the logbook and notify the Coin/TB owner ... Logging TB & Coin movements is important to "keep track". Noting the trade of other items may be less important ...


Happy Hunting! :o

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I like it when people write in what they trade. I get pleasure out of seeing that others want the items I have left. If I find a usefull little item I leave a little note saying that I appreciated it. All of that is done online. I do make notes in the log (if there is enough space in the log book).

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If the log is large enough and I trade something I will record in the log and if I remember to make a note of it whilst out online too. I always record if I drop or pick up a trackable although not always the name of the trackable in the logbook - many don't have name tags/notes with them so I don't know what they're called until I'm home and logging online. I always make a note online re any trackables I've dropped/moved on in my logging of the cache.


I don't think its too important to log trade items but do think it is imperative to log trackables to keep track of them (and notify if they're missing).


Just my thoughts on this point...

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I noticed recently that a Gauteng cacher come down this way in December and took TBs out of some of my caches, noted it the log-book, but not online. Probably out of ignorance. But, because he wrote it in the logbook I can track down the missing TB's and ask him what he did with them, Instead of having to ask everyone who visited the caches. So writing what you traded is sometimes more than a courtesy.

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This gets complicated as there are so many options: trackables, trade items, onsite, online (TB page), online (cache page)


Log Trackable online TB page is imperative and goes without saying - no confusion.


To paint the complete picture:

A1 : log trackable onsite

A2 : log trackable online/cache log


B1 : log trade item onsite

B2 : log trade items online/cache log


From this thread I gather A1 is regarded as quite important - that makes sense.

Others do A2 as well - this is possibly a bit of a duplication as the TB's in a cache are listed on the cache page.


Then one can do B1 and B2 as well - that was not originally on my mind but the issue rightly also comes up.


I will definitely do A1 in future. Now about A2, B1 and B2...


I've had a very relaxed attitude regarding trade to date. I have never specifcally gone to a cache to trade TB's, but I gather there are folks that do.

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