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So how many of you are using PDA's and do you have a recommendation for a low budget one. I do not have one, have never used one, have no idea what I need and how they compare to one another. Any software required?




A Palm m500 is cheap and capable. Check ebay prices. Somewhere between $30 and $40 including shipping, depending on how long you are willing to shop for a good deal. USB communication, expansion memory slot (but you can load thousands of caches even without an expansion card), easy to read in direct sunlight. It is a little slow when sorting caches. There are newer better units, but this one is cheap and sturdy. If it gets lost or damaged, just get another one. But mine has held up well for more than two years.


CacheMate is the software I use. $8 one time lifetime registration fee.


Question to other Palm users: Do the older Palms work with Windows Vista? I have only used mine with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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I also have a Palm m500, and after a friend gave me one, an m515. The battery lasts a lot longer between charges on the m500, but the m515 is a bit faster. Both of these models are easy to see in bright sunlight, something that is not true of the Z22 or Palm TX. I also use Cachemate on my Palm.


As far as I know, the Palm Desktop software, available for download from the Palm site, works with Vista. They do not have a version that works with Win XP "Media Edition," so I use the card reader to transfer the .pdb files to the Launcher folder on the SD card.

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I'm having trouble getting my Palm IIIxe to work with 64-bit Vista...I can't find a driver for the USB to serial adaptor.


I'm thinking this may be a great time to get a new device. Support is almost nil for my older PDAs anyway.... Until I can figure something else out, I'm going to have to load my husband's Zire 31 and beam info to my older unit --if I can manage to make that one work (haven't tried it yet).


Any recommendations?


Edit to add, the HotSync Manager 4.1.4E recommended for the Zire 31 says it is not 64-bit compatible. Now what?

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I do not believe that you will find a 64bit palm usb driver. I have to use the wireless connection to hotsync.

Yes, I think you are right. I did a search last night and didn't turn up anything. Which version of the software did you load on your computer then?

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Just a couple of comments on the above posts.

First of all I picked up a Palm m505 on ebay yesterday for $24 including shipping. That included all necessary accessories. So, yest you can pick up an older PDA for cheap. And according to reports here it will do the job fine.


As for 64 bit drivers, the following is copied and pasted from the palm support website:


Please note, we provide no support for use of our software or for synchronization of our devices with:


* 64-bit editions, server editions, or Tablet PC editions of Windows

* Dual- or Multiple-CPU computers

Note: this is not the same as a dual- or multi-core processor, which is compatible with Palm Desktop

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Thanks for the info guys. I am running Vista so it looks like I may be limited to my choice. Switched to Vista for the new year and have been sorry every since.



:ph34r: Myself, I use 2ea. Palm m500, and aZ22........PC is running XP, Laptop Vista........and all are compaible with one another.........What to say?..........(Perhaps it's the Dry-Heat here in the Desert Southwest!)

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