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  1. Is there a way to bump up the text height when making routes in EasyGPS? I have a really hard time reading the tiny text, even with my glasses on ;-) Thanks! Rooks
  2. Is there any way to run a geocache query and spit the name and coords into a spreadsheet? What I am wanting to do is to build a spreadsheet so I can add the points to my ArcMap Doc. I do have GSAK and a couple other software pachages. Thanks! Rooks
  3. Does the 400t also have streets on it? If not, can you add the city card and have them overlay each other?? I got a 60Cx and am fighting trying to get my City select to unlock for it and have not even made it to my topo discs. I knew this pain was coming from my last go around with my Etrex which was almost 4 years ago -UGH-! Considering throwing in the towel and going for the loaded Oregon with a city/streets card? Thanks Rooks
  4. Let me try this question, can I load queries to my i-touch either through EasyGPX, Map Source, or GSAK,other? As mentioned in my other post, some pocket queries load, some dont. Just ran into it again this morning, it would load on my i-touch here at home with internet service. Thanks GR
  5. Just pinging this to bring it back up front. thanks...
  6. I had been able to down load my pocket queries with my i-pod i-touch, now I can not. I have internet access with my wireless router, I can browse to the website and create a pocket query etc.. When I go to download the query it say it failed. Tried running the query again on the website, still will not download. Not sure whats going on? Thanks, Rooks
  7. Mine showed up in my e-mail today, Danka
  8. Thanks Guys. I will see if I can contact them. Rooks
  9. Anyone else having problems getting their My Finds Query to get Que up? Its been well over 7 days since my last run but it will not get in the Que? My other queries run just fine. Thanks, Rooks
  10. georooks


    RIGHT ON! Thanks for your help Chrysalides, you ROCK!! Worked like a charm :-) Rooks
  11. georooks


    I hav eposted a geocache (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=6fa42b3b-b129-443f-ab83-edd5739c44be) and would like to create a hyperlink on the front page to help point them to the geochecker.com website (http://www.geochecker.com/index.php?code=00317f8b66dbc53a05a195488376838e&action=check&wp=474332304b3750&name=4162616375732047617461637573) I created one in Word and tried to copy it to my page but it is not holding. I tried highlighting on the cache page and create it but it is not giving me the option. How do you create one so that it shows upfront on my listing?? Thanks!, Rooks
  12. I just received four coins, Butterfly and Bees. Says to to go the website listed with the coin package to activate. Went to the website and it says there is an error for these coins and they can not be activated. Did not realize when I placed my order through Groundspeak that they were from another vendor. E-mailed the coin activation website yesterday, no response. Was hoping to plant them this weekend. Looked on coincodes.com and the coins are not even on there??? Am I missing something????? Thanks, Rooks
  13. Loaded the GE viewer and the geocaches are approx. 300ft off. Are other having this same result. Am I missing something?? Tried changing the coord system in GE, same results. Thanks, Rooks
  14. I just would like to verify that the Garmin Oregon GPS can be used for paperless caching. Does it indeed load the description and previous logs. Also, if I understand correctly it comes preloaded with maps, are these the updated maps from Garmin and topo only? thanks, Rooks
  15. I am still having the problem of not being able to hit the search button next to where I key in the zip. Tried hitting it with the touch screen and using the enter key on the pad. I am also having that problem with the cacheberry website but they are the only two sites I have ran into this. Any thoughts or suggestion? Thanks, Rooks
  16. XLNT!, thank you kindly!! Rooks I use CacheBerry on my Storm and have looked at the Geocaching Navigator (by trimble). I stuck with CacheBerry (it's free) and I use my 60csx for the hunt. As far as the browsing GC problem, can't help there. I use the mobile page for things when I'm out in the field...
  17. I got my fist smartphone yesterday and tried browsing geocaching.com When I type in the zip I am not able to hit the search button next to the zip and have it search. Am I missing something? Also, can you tell me if there are any apps for using it for paperless caching should I now have coverage? Thanks!, Rooks
  18. XLNT, thanks for the info!. It isn't optimized for it but I've had fun finding caches with my 705. Beats carrying two gpsrs on a long ride, especially when caching is secondary.
  19. Can the edge be used for geocaching? thanks...
  20. Just thought of somehting, battery life may come into play if I am out riding??
  21. So I have spent my spare time today familiarizing myself with GSAK. I have not even hooked my unit up to it but got all my finds loaded and populated my FTF's and played with the interface. VERY COOL TOOL!!!! My goal is to make it to paperless caching hopefully sooner than later. I currently own the NUVI 200W and am considering 1st a Palm Pilot and the Palm Centro 2nd if they will be any easier to set up than the NUVI?? Would it be any easier to set up either of the three for Paperless Caching?? My thoughts are that the NUVI might be more versatile as it would have the advantage of using it for the drive ups then use my ETREX. I take it you can use it for navigation and paperless caching at the same time?? Palm Centro, hoping to wait until my current contract expires in December as I want to switch providers. Palm Pilot, cheap enough that I would gladly purchase one if it is any easier to set up that the NUVI. NUVI, currently own, would like to set it up if it doesnt take a computer nerd to set on up. Wish I was a computer nerd!!! Many thanks!, Rooks
  22. I got it. I was trying too make it too difficult Thanks, Rooks
  23. I got it. I was trying to make it too difficult. thanks...
  24. I have Google Earth Pro and am trying to figure out how to get my points loaded on thier. I think I have almost have everything ready to go but I am having a little trouble. I am hung up on trying to figure out how to export/convert my points from decimal degrese to lat long? Where I am at right now if I can get them into this format I think I can swing it. Name Longitude Latitude Description CP -90.111802 44.22361 CP -90.111422 44.245731 CP -90.075519 44.224756 I am ending up with this format right now GC1BEZJ,40,13.183,-122,16.884 GC1B7FQ,40,13.433,-122,17.641 GC1B7DN,40,13.617,-122,26.760 GC14JFD,40,13.558,-122,25.400. softwares I have available to work with are, National Geographic Topo USA Delorme, and EasyGPS. I do have the trial version of GSAK but have not played with it yet. Thanks, Rooks
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