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  1. Hi there, If you have an existing mapsource product you don't need to buy Topo Canada. Go the ibycus.com and you'll see that this guy has a pretty nice set of topo maps. It's a 3 gig download, but the maps are very good. But again, you need an existing Mapsource installation, even if it's only Trip and Waypoint Manager. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
  2. Any idea if this is open to Canadian residents? I noticed that US mainland, Puerto Rick, Alaska, and Hawaii are on it. I assumed this would be city navigator maps and would include Canada, but Canada isn't mentioned. Any one have any more information on this?
  3. Other than my gps, almost all electronics in my house, including my wireless network components are refurbished products. Refurbished products are generally AT LEAST AS GOOD AND SOMETIMES BETTER than new products. When a company refurbishes a product they often undergo even more rigorous testing than new products. It takes a stable device to pass these tests. I have owned refurbed gps's in the past (Garmin 76, Garmin Geko) and both of these performed flawlessly. I would highly recommend you go ahead and purchase the refurbed gps if you find a good price. Also they generally carry at least a 1-year warranty. Most electronic devices tend to show their faults early anyway if there are any present. Go ahead and buy, and good luck. At least that's my humble opinion.
  4. There's no need to transfer the map again. Just transfer the track to your gps and it will appear on the map. If you want to get rid of it later just delete the track.
  5. The only (and usually minor) hitch is that the newer desktop software may not support some of the conduits used by your older unit. Could you please explain. What would be on the older units that would not be on the newer units? (I believe that's what you are talking about??)
  6. Thanks for all the replies folks. I took your advice and visited the Palm website again. While there I took up a live chat support, and their agent assures me that one Palm Desktop should support ALL the different models (as long as the version you install is supported by your latest model handheld). In other words, my latest model is the z22. By installing the palm desktop for the z22 it will hotsync with ALL models released prior to the z22. Again, thanks for all your replies.
  7. Ok...with regards to the extra registration codes, when I am filling out the form, it asks for my hotsync name...do i enter the one that's currently registered or the username on my other palms? Again, thanks. Disregard that part as I figured out that I do NOT enter the one that is currently registered. So I guess what I need to know now is if ONE Palm Desktop will work with 3 different MODELS of handhelds. Does anyone use more than one model handheld with one Palm Desktop. There are different Palm Desktops for the Palm Vx and the Palm Z22. (I think the m505 works with the same version as the Vx). Once I figure that part out I'm on my way. I need to be able to sync both the Vx and the Z22 from the same computer but they require different versions of Palm Desktop. That's the problem.
  8. Searched for an answer to this, but didn't find it (I'm sure it's there somewhere but nevertheless it escaped me!!). A week ago I decided to try paperless caching. I did not have a handheld. I now have a Palm Vx, a Palm m505, and a Palm z22. The only one I have set up yet is the Vx. It works flawlessly. Can I use all 3 handhelds with one version of Palm Desktop. Also, can I use all 3 handhelds with one copy of Cachemate. I can't seem to figure how Palm Desktop will differentiate between the handhelds because I am under the impression that I must have the same username for each handheld in order for cachemate to be registered on each one. Is that assumption correct? What are the limitations of Palm Desktop and Cachemate and 3 different model handhelds? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  9. This "if you dont like em dont seek em " argument is lame.... I can't agree with that. I do not like multi-caches. But I will never suggest that they are pointless. I do not like the virtuals, or earth caches. I am a Traditional Cache type of guy!! That being said, a traditional micro is fine by me. If there are types of caches I don't like, I don't hunt them. You should do the same. Just because you or I don't like them doesn't make them pointless. If you don't like micros, exclude them with your filter!! They wont' show up on your GPS and therefore you won't even know they are there. That way you don't have to stress yourself out with a pointless microcache.
  10. Will a blackberry work with cachemate. I have a buddy who is looking at buying one without activating the phone if it can be used with cachemate. (pretty cheap used.)
  11. I bought a Palm m505 for $22 including shipping on ebay. My buddy purchased a Palm m515 fir $24 including shipping last night. They are cheap on ebay if you are just a little patient. And from the reports on this forum, they are perfect for paperless caching.
  12. Hey coyote...i didn't get a pm from you...however, i've been thinking....i have a number of gps's and i ain't never gonna use that 310.....if you're still interested, i'll send it to you for $20...it works. but is in no way a high end gps...it's only gonna sit in my drawer til it rots!!.
  13. If you can't provide me with something as simple as a picture then there is no way I am going to buy something from you! ??? He said email him and he will send you pictures!!
  14. Hmm...now that sounds even more interesting. And you still use GSAK for your pocket queries correct?
  15. Great..thanks for that link...i figured out the link but you might want to fix it in case others might wanna use it...there's a "hhttp" after your http://
  16. Ok....i do have a premium membership to geocaching.com, full version of GSAK, and i use pocket queries to create gpx files to export, then use poi loader to load them to my legend hcx, i get 80+ characters in the hint. Using the palm, what advantages will Cachemate give me over GSAK. Do I NEED cachemate. If there's an advantage, I have no problem paying the $8 for it. But if I can get all the information to the palm using GSAK, why would I need or want Cachemate. Is it better for managing the caches on the palm once they are loaded? Again, thanks for all your input. I appreciate it.
  17. Maps are in the "bells and whistles" category. NOT necessary. In the meantime, I love maps and wouldn't have a gps that I can't load maps to. That's because with my hunting and fishing (particularly fishing) the topo maps show me some ponds and rivers that I didn't know were there before. Yes I could take paper maps with me, but with the maps on the gps that's one less think i have to carry. Are they useful? Yes. Are they necessary for geocaching? Absolutely not.
  18. I'm glad you enjoy your gps, however you do come across as having chip on your shoulder regarding Garmin. If you think Garmin needs to lower their price point to remain competitive, you are surely mistaken. I'll not go into details comparing Garmin and Magellan sales, but you may feel like retracting your statement if you chose to do some research yourself. Yes, you may have a great gps (i'm not familiar with that particular model), however, to state that it's the way to go for a complete navigation unit, and at the same time state that it doesn't have bluetooth or do traffic stuff, shows that it is NOT a complete unit. It's a complete unit for you, and that's all that matters. But it is not the be-all end-all to automotive GPS's. Enjoy your GPS.
  19. Hello there Indy. I have a set of instructions here that will show you how to fix your Vista. Quite a few have had that problem you describe, and quite a few have fixed it with the instructions. In the meantime, I use my gps for geocaching, autorouting, but my primary use for a gps is HUNTING, FISHING, ATV RIDING, and outdoor adventures of that sort. I have owned various magellan gps's and too many garmins to count, including the 60csx. I have NOT used a colorado. In my opinion the best gps on the market for hunting is the Legend HCX. It's compact, rugged, has a high-sensitivity receiver (better than my 60csx), and very importantly, better battery life. This gps will do more than you will require, and do it very well. I love the size of this gps. It mounts solid to the ATV handlebar as well. If you only need a few maps loaded, the Venture HC is a good choice. Same as the Legend HCX except it doesn't take a card (one less thing to go wrong) and it doesn't autoroute - which is of no use in the woods. If you require an electronic compass, the Vista HCX will satisfy all your needs. Just an opinion from someone who has owned DOZENS AND DOZENS of handheld gps's. I keep going back to the etrex series.
  20. here's a link to a palm m515 to show you that you can get one for less than 50 bucks including shipping...however, this was just a quick search...if you're patient i would guess you'd easily get one bidding for less than 30 bucks. Good luck. http://cgi.ebay.com/Palm-M515-PDA-USB-Crad...1QQcmdZViewItem
  21. Just a couple of comments on the above posts. First of all I picked up a Palm m505 on ebay yesterday for $24 including shipping. That included all necessary accessories. So, yest you can pick up an older PDA for cheap. And according to reports here it will do the job fine. As for 64 bit drivers, the following is copied and pasted from the palm support website: Please note, we provide no support for use of our software or for synchronization of our devices with: * 64-bit editions, server editions, or Tablet PC editions of Windows * Dual- or Multiple-CPU computers Note: this is not the same as a dual- or multi-core processor, which is compatible with Palm Desktop
  22. Xp and my M505 play well together. With Cachemate & GSAK it makes a good combo. ahhhh....great....that's what i was hoping to hear....after some reading i've noticed that a LOT of people are having trouble hot-syncing the 505 using XP....what did you do to get around that problem? Also, I use GSAK, but not cachemate...can the info from GSAK be sent to the m505.....if it can, what are the advantages of using cachemate....also, is cachemate free software? Thanks for your time.
  23. A friend has an old Palm M505 and I have very little knowledge of these things. I was wondering if they are compatible with a computer running XP, and if they are any use at all for paperless caching. Thanks.
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