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What should be left in an established cache?

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You don't HAVE to take or leave anything, but the etiquette is that if you take something, you are expected to leave something of equal or greater value. Good trade items are things other geocachers might want. First aid kits, small tools (knives are frowned upon, however), children's toys (a lot of people cache with their kids), keychains, things of that nature. The average value of an item in a cache is probably between 1 and 5 dollars, but there are some exceptions.

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Knives are not just "frowned upon", they are listed in the guidelines as one of the items that are suggested to not be placed in a cache. Kids go caching and look through the swag while parents are signing log books, it's a safety issue. If you are unsure of what items are allowed, you can read the lists in the guidelines. HERE

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