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  1. Beside a Fire Department? I would make sure it is in the park and not close too the FD building. It's up to you if you want to move it or keep it where it is. You need to determine if it is hidden good enough. If there is a better hidey hole or pile of sticks elsewhere, move it. Don't be afraid to really HIDE it, the Geocachers will find it just fine.
  2. As someone said previous - double check that you specified a DAY that you want it to RUN. Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun If you don't check a day, it won't run.
  3. I've been geocaching for years and my best advise is--- GO OUT WITH SOMEONE WHO ALREADY GEOCACHES REGULARLY. Here's how to connect. For Flint, Mi Here is the the Geocaching organization in your area. http://www.mi-geocaching.org/sechapter/ Sign up to talk on the forums and ask if someone is in your area that can spend a few hours with you to "show you the ropes" You'll be glad you did!! It will give you a HUGE jumpstart! (and you'll make a new friend too) Here's another idea- You have 2 events coming up in your area: GC1WJK1 - Monthly Meet & Greet - Aug 18th is in Birch Run GC1W8VM- Meet & Greet in Bush Park Aug 15th Near Fenton, MI? Everyone that goes to these are there to meet other Geocachers and it is perfect time to introduce yourself and ask for help. People will jump to help you! You can always check event caches in your area through GC.com in the "advanced search" choose "event caches" and your zip code. Have fun!
  4. Been there, done that.. I ABORT and MOVE ON..... Common sense prevails --- ALWAYS!
  5. Being steathy when finding a cache so no one disturbs it when you are gone is one thing.... Promoting GC to others you can do anytime. I have been caught in the past trying to be steathy, and went ahead and explained to whoever was curious just exactly what I was doing... They usually understand, but when you are stopped, it takes some time to discuss your circumstance which could delay your cache plan for the day. It's totally up to you...but if someone sees you find the cache and you don't explain, often it is 'muggled', stolen, trashed and not respected as a gamepiece.
  6. I am guessing that when you logged the TB you "grabbed it"? So it is in your posession now on GC.com? Once you put it in a physical cache and log on GC.com that it is in a cache, it will add the location on the map then.
  7. Found my first 1500 caches with my E-trex yellow!!! Good unit - simple - uncomplicated
  8. Cell phones are really a good distraction. People think you are having a conversation, picking at the bushes. I have also used my GPS and put it up to my ear like a cell phone. No one is the wiser. These busy caches are always easier with two of you. Much harder alone.
  9. That looks like an interesting puzzle cache. You need to try to find some sort of pattern that makes sense to fill coordinates. Or maybe this is a type of graphic that has something to do with numbers? This is the listed coordinates that are incorrect N 34° 26.230 W 085° 44.932 but your solution will need to fit this type number sequence to get your final coords so you would be looking to equate some sort of numbers from the picture. It is rated a difficulty 4. Not an easy one to start with. No one has solved it yet either. Unless you have an idea how to solve it, good luck. (HTML source code? As with any website, you can right click in the body of the text and choose "view source")
  10. When you enter your cache page check the box "HTML code" Use the internet to get "how to" help. There is tons of basic HTML help. http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/html/article.php/3478171 Here is an easy site to use. But there are literally thousands you can refer to. In google search type HTML links Hope this helps
  11. Just for a general rule of thumb, no one would put out a puzzle cache without giving you enough information on the cache page to solve it. Read your instructions carefully. Take one step at a time. Many puzzle caches you can do from home and research on the internet. The cache page is your key. Print a copy and make notes as you proceed. If a puzzle is too confusing, then it might not be for you...move on. Often the cache page points you to an internet site for research, but often puzzle caches are not easy! If you have a geo-friend, you can put your heads together. If you know someone who has solved the cache before you, you might be able to tap into a hint to get you started. It will come together. If you have a specific puzzle cache you are looking at, post the waypoint here and we can give you a boost to get you started solving it ... but it will take time. That's the uniqueness of these type caches!
  12. I am not familiar with the Oregon Gps, but there is universal software you can use. Try GSAK.net it is a software for your computer that will handle Pocket Queries you request from Geocaching.com in .gpx format. From GSAK, you can download the file to your GPS. Here is a starter file for your review. http://gsak.net/GSAK101_English.doc
  13. GSAK is usually best utilized with a premium membership to Geocaching.com when you can order .gpx files of up to 500 caches into GSAK and easily load them into your GPS in seconds and map them on a mapping program on your computer then load them into your PDA for the road. You can accomplish all this in a matter of a few minutes. I agree GSAK.net forums ar the best..look for GSAK 101 and 102. They are straightforward clear lessons in getting started.
  14. I have often thought about this too, because more times than not, micros are in muggle ridden areas. I am often rushed to sign and get it back in it's hidey hole before anyone sees me do it. if there are are multiple strips all rolled up, and I have to search through to find the one to sign, it is frustrating fighting the curly q pages. I definately just roll it up so it is convienent for the next signer to sign it. I am sure they appreciate it. UNLESS, it causes damage to the log, then I roll as found. There is no hard and fast rule on how you should return the log to the cache. I just use common sense. Do it any way you want - don't loose sleep over it!
  15. Very excited for you! It is addicting. You are entering the secret world of Geocaching for those at work will be asking after you return from lunch, "What's that in your hair? a stick or a leaf?" "Your shoes are a bit muddy, where in the world where you?" "What's that on the back of your pant leg, dirt?" "Your jacket has pine needles stuck to it"
  16. If you are looking for the social geocachers in your area, you may want to google for a local geocaching group. Cleveland here has www.geochums.com. There are forums and discussions much like here but from locals that comment on local upcoming events, caching adventures, TBs and such. These people are all for getting together and many know each other.. It's like a club within a club. It's a good way to put a face to a name to go to a local event. Not all geocachers are social, some just wish to remain anonymus. That's ok too. Here's a quick website I just googled http://www.geocky.org/ Kentucky Geocachers
  17. Keystone, you just crack me up sometimes!!!
  18. I have the same Palm Tungsten E2 ... I use Cachemate. If you use GSAK, you can export to Cachemate and then you can sync to your palm.
  19. Just a quick note...locate a cacher in your area that is seasoned to go out with once. You'll get some very quick and valuable pointers...Gets you on the right track. You in Oregon? Google Oregon Geocacher or Geocaching and find the Geocaching organization in your area an post for someone to go with you. In most forums local, the people are outstanding. Good luck
  20. Dig through the junk drawers at home for keychains, fancy erasers, clips, hair bobs, small toys like bouncy balls or matchbox cars, just about anything that most people have but rarely use or need. You'll be surprised how much you can accumulate from the stuff around your house.
  21. I don't see what area you are from, but in order to hook up with another geocacher in your area, just do a google search for a geocaching organization in your area. If in New York, just search 'New York Geocaching'... you get the idea. Once you find the organization, most have forums just like this. Register and post you want someone to go with you one day and show you the basics. They will jump start you and you'll begin to enjoy it very much! Good luck
  22. Try here: www.dixiecachers.com This is the Alabama Geocachers website. Register, and post your request for help and I am very sure you will get cachers that are willing to help you quickly. The best thing would be if another more experienced cacher could go out with you and show you some of the basics..it would be a big boost for you. Good luck, and don't give up!!! It's fun and worth it.
  23. Flipper, This is the BEST advise.... The Geocaching community is the best people you would ever want to meet! They are kind and helpful. You have 2 online organizations in your area: www.NNJC.org (Northern New Jersey Cachers) www.SJGeocaching.org (Southern New Jersey Geocaching) Pick the one closest to where you live and go on the site and REGISTER. It is free, they won't spam you-you give minimal info about yourself. They just want to weed OUT spammers on the site. Go into the Forum and Post a topic/thread with the Subject "I Need some HELP please" and explain your situation. I will guarantee you will have some cachers e-mailing you from right in your area that will go with you and show you the ropes. It will give you confidence and also you will meet a new friend. Don't get discouraged! It's sometimes tough to start out, but it's well worth it!!!
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