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Problem with accented characters in "Placed by" field


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I've downloaded 2 .GPX files from 2 different cache pages.


In the the "Placed by" field I get this:

<Groundspeak:placed_by>Tichris et C& #233;c& #233;02</Groundspeak:placed_by>

instead of

<Groundspeak:placed_by>Tichris et Cécé02</Groundspeak:placed_by>


Here are the examples of the newer cache and one of the older cache.


I see that the newer cache has the "& #233" in the file and the other the "é"..


Could this have anything to do with this announcement - about the HTML being removed from the placed by field?


Thanks for reading..


Edit: I have to insert a space between the & and the # so it would show in the forum.. but, there are no spaces in the GPX files. Finally, it also applies to .GPX files received from PQs.

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Yea, Groundspeak are certainly doing something funky here. The OP doesn't exactly show the true situation as I think the forum software is converting the & entity. Still obviously a problem, but for the sake of completeness I provide a screenshot so you can see exactly what is showing in the raw GPX file:



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Yes, can you please fiks this. My latest cache lists like this: Stone weels by ba& #248 ; (GC14BGG) Norway in the latest list for Norway and in the GPX files.

(spaces added to show how it really looks like)

The letters ÆØÅæøå are very legit in the norwegian alpabet and certainly a part of the UTF-8 caracter set. Also defined in the ISO 8859-1 character set. Please fix. :P

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