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  1. IMO, this is a big enough deal to be in the full topic forum. Half a state is being archived..
  2. Contrary to the haters, the previous version did not 'work fine' at all. It had serious problems keeping caches in their places on the map when moving it around. The new version has the map upgrade and works great. I never used radar or compass, i prefer the navigate via map.
  3. Seriously, they parked their 'SUV' right in the middle of the street in front of my cache. Wish they would move their car. http://coord.info/GC18D6Y
  4. Are you referring to me? (you must not be?) I've never been an advocate of 'let people cache how they want'. I would actually prefer the game to be more rule-based, and i don't recall any long winded ALR rants.
  5. I'm not particularly 'upset' about it, but yes, it does seem to cheapen other folks' efforts somewhat when (As CanadianRockies mentioned) some finders don't bother to provide documentation. Documentation is part of the challenge, IMO. I actually haven't seen too many instances of it, but there have been a few. Anyway, this forum is for rants, so i figured this one would be entertaining to see if other folks have experienced the same, and i see they have. Next time i'll be sure to bring some better drama, with logs and names being called out and such, but none this time, sorry.
  6. Yes, there was a note of sarcasm in my original post which may not have been apparent to some. (and of course i mean Challenge caches. Sadly no one does 'Geocaching Challenges'
  7. Once you have over approximately 15,000 finds, any challenge requirements become optional. Only the most cursory of examination of the cache's requirements need be made, and a half hearted attempt at mentioning that you 'meet the requriements easily' (even if you, in fact, do not) need be made. Pretty sure this is in the fine print somewhere in the guidelines. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?
  8. Yep. 'ginge' is actually the perjorative term here. (Even though its your nickname - especially combined with bloody, sounds like you are slurring gingers.
  9. Totally agree. If you don't link your Facebook account to your Geocaching.com account, a hacked Facebook account wouldn't be able to log in. So if you have problems getting your Facebook account hacked, don't link your account. The option isn't required to log into the web site and it is very convenient for those who want the option. Just wanted to say i think it's great to have the FB Connect option. Any modern site should have it. Kudos from me!
  10. Working fine here. http://certitude.comxa.com/certified.php?wp=GC2P99C
  11. If you carefully read the text in the master plan, it says "this lot needs cleanp and will not be available for occupation for 5 years". I'm thinking they indeed have a 5 year lease on the area, and when that expires, they will clean it up, removing the old destroyed aircraft.
  12. This has nothing to do with client. The site is going extremely slow today, probably server issues.
  13. I'm shocked.. that so many people have windows 7 phones. Truly. I've never met or heard of anyone who owns one. I can imagine the only customers are the non-tech savvy who are sold by the brand name and don't realize they are being suckered into a far inferior, less functional product?
  14. Bravo! As an avid challenge cache completer, i approve of these changes. They get rid of many of the 'annoying' requirements that many owners like to create.
  15. I see cache locations on TV all the time, but then, i live in LA where we have a lot of filming
  16. I just used the breadcrumbs yesterday to get to the Trackables section. The rollover menus to reach trackables failed to work on my android phone. I was able to get to one of my own TBs pages, and use the Trackables breadcrumb to get there, though. Keep em!
  17. This certainly wasn't one of our use case scenarios. My girlfriend and I, we both use our GC team account. We've been having issues, so i decided to get rid of the problem. I've been researching caches in secluded areas where i could dump her body, but didn't find one yet. Now, after the recent site update, this morning she was able to forsee the whole thing, i've been arrested and am currently facing 15 to life for conspiracy to commit murder. thanks, Groundspeak, for ruining my life.
  18. What is the maximum number of caches that could be placed in a 1-mile radius circle? I'm sure someone has done the calculations.
  19. GSAK v8. None of the 'workarounds' above are necessary anymore.
  20. Enter the title of your idea in the type a idea box. Then click the button, "create a new idea" Then you can make a suggestion. What "type an idea" box? I don't see one. The only box I see is "Type a summary" which just filters the display of other folks topics. You need to sign in first.
  21. Try firmware 3.2.0, it has some dashboard fixes: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/message/view/Montana/41715481
  22. False. World Challenges are like locationless caches. There are already many of the new 'Challenges' which require you going to a specific location. You can find them by searching by location on the challenge site.
  23. It isn't. Just saying I like it and am glad to see other apps being released using the API. The API for GSAK is available now, with the GSAK 8 beta available on the gsak site. Groundspeak didn't "announce" it, but anyone can use it by going there and downloading the GSAK beta.
  24. Hey hater, in fact, bringing back virtuals was one of the top requested features on user voice. It has been for years. The rating feature will hide the bad challenge, because they suck. There are already some great ones.
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