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  1. I second this, it seems silly that Android owners have to post in the iPhone section... and everything off topic gets locked, give us a category... its bad enough the iPad app is the craze before a release of a Android app...
  2. Try my Geocaching Keyboard on the Android Market with the apps, it helps insert common geocaching acronyms into apps that let you log from the field quickly... you can then edit/add on to them later... I've found it helps a lot... If you have any requests/comments, etc about it let me know. Just in case you'd like to use barcode scanner...
  3. I was recently at a park playing catch with my son, we've been looking for the perfect spot to hide a cache so we walked to the edge of the park where there was some dense woods, we scouted the spot and walked back to the car... On the way back i asked my son is that a geocache? It sure was... i thought ok cool, i opened it up its full of new swag and a fresh log, i signed as FTF? Fitzgerald Family and the date... Then since i have 3G on my phone i went to log it on the site, my phone always finds the nearest cache but wasnt finding anything... Double checked when i got home... hasnt been listed yet... I emailed the owner and let him know i found it and if i could indeed count my find as a FTF but its still not listed and he hasnt returned my message...
  4. Not that it helps much since the last events are today but if your subscribed to the newsletter you should get a list of nearby events including 10! year ones....
  5. Okay, below is the information about the new IIF satellites that will soon launch which will provide us with much improved accuracy... do you think this will make the sport of geocaching to easy and eliminate a good portion of the hunt? I personally enjoy getting in the vicinity of a cache then hunting for it, rather than being within 2 feet and grabbing it right away... With this new system overhead tree's/brush wont affect signal... I hadn't seen much talk about this so i figured id start a topic. source: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/04/st_gpsreboot/
  6. I think the biggest factor regarding the app in question is the usability and ease of finding caches with full logs, details, etc without a GPX thus circumventing the need for a premium membership. So while i understand why Groundspeak is upset the issue should be left alone atleast until they release their official app which i hear is quite soon, but they should release a API so third party developers can work improve features not included or ever provided by Groundspeak apps. I wonder if they would be satisfied if the scraping was only done by premium members? The app which i do use, does have to scrape because there is no GPX files and the information is dynamic.
  7. Or you could get a Android phone that has a camera on it (all if im not mistaken) and install BeenThere from the market, its a free app that adds a geotag to your photo when you use the default camera option on your phone, you can then upload the photos to any geo aware site like flickr, etc... or open the app on your phone which then places the images on a google maps layer showing where each photo was taken.
  8. This wasn't refurbished or a floor model in fact i went back today because the back doesn't snap all the way on so i went to get it exchanged and found out they have a bunch more atleast 5 id say, the problem seemed to be with all of them though, if its even a problem at all. Snapped a photo this time for the heck of it.
  9. So I've been a avid 76csx user for years now and had recently looked into getting either a Colorado or Oregon but the cost was to steep even for the amount of ease and features it would add to my geocaching experience. Last night i was browsing my local Best Buy (Gulfport, MS) and found a Colorado 400T for only $319, i thought it must of been a mistake but the sticker read down from $599, oddly enough the 400c was next to it at full price. There was only one on the shelf so i grabbed it up and headed to checkout half expecting for it ring up different and having to attempt to get a manager to honor the sticker price, but sure enough it was only $319 still 180 bucks cheaper than the 300 without maps sells for and 280 bucks cheaper than buying the same model would cost online at say oh i dont know, BestBuy.com. Any who i figured id share in case its like this anywhere else, maybe i just lucked out who knows, if you want to call ahead to check the SKU is 8828664. I just cant wait to try the paperless caching feature out in the field, i know this model has some bugs but at that price who could pass?
  10. Yes, it shouldn't, but it also shouldn't be mindless like this log is. Now i defiantly cant argue with that.
  11. Just a thought but why is it that you have to set up two diffrent notifications for traditional caches and multi's, i think there should be a option for just plain old physical caches period.
  12. I own 14 active caches, i wouldn't mind a bulk logging feature, i think it would be okay if it logged each cache with your field notes, TNLNSL's or whatever it may be and then have you manually go back to the caches that you made notes in the field for whether that may be maintenance, swag trades, dropping TB's adding photos, experience or whatever. Sure as a cache owner we enjoy reading the logs and all but why restrict making geocaching as easy as possible for everyone, it shouldnt be a hassle.
  13. This is cache GC1GCQV Those are non breaking spaces ASCII codes for formmating the page.
  14. Okay, so you can already customize a route to find caches along a route and tweak what attributes to include or exclude, etc. through pocket queries but what would it take to add a feature to the geocaching google maps to plan a route for your day over geocaching, Now you either have to go to one and find the next nearest cache with your GPS which may actually be near but in any direction or write down the order in which to do them. I suppose it could be as simple as adding route points on the map but perhaps there could be a application that automatically knows you want to knock as many out in a southern direction and wont have you back track or ping pong across the same road...
  15. Ive noticed that before my user name was automatically inserted into the placed by field now it no longer does this?
  16. Didn't think about that thanks... Do you know if when your demoted from premium to regular your PQ settings and friends list are lost or just restricted until your premium again?
  17. Okay, i am a premium member and i utilize all of the features, friends list, pocket queries for paperless caching, etc. I pay through PayPal but cancel my subscription once paid because i have a low balance on my bank account and things that automatically bill tend to send me in the negative causing overdraft fees. My subscription is due to expire on the 27th of this month, what happens when ive canceled with PayPal, do i loose my friends on my friends list, and my custom pocket queries? I plan on paying the same day but just like to do it manually, is this possible?
  18. I actually just updated not to long ago, and checked the version on the site today and thought oh i have that version but i checked my 76csx and i had 3.50 awesome!
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