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Garbled Colorado 400t Cache Description

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I just upgraded to the Colorado 400t, and I'm prepping for my first cache run this weekend. I made a pocket query and loaded it, and it seems great, but I do have this one cache I found where the description is garbled.


Is this some expected behavior this neocacher doesn't understand? Is there something I can do about it? Or do I simply have to wait for Garmin to update the firmware again (I ran webupdater yesterday, before I loaded the query, BTW).



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I've documented an issue like this in the Issues List and provided an example to Garmin but so far I haven't heard anything back.


If its just this cache causing the problem you might try downloading this cache by doing a "Send to GPS". The Communicator seems to do some sort of cleanup on the HTML so at least the description doesn't get garbled -- although you will probably see raw HTML code.


Definitely a problem with the Colorado HTML/XML parser.



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This is more likely an issue with the way the cache description was written, rather that a problem with the Colorado, it's usually due to people putting images in the descriptions.


That looks to be exactly right. There are images in the description. Thanks!

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Hi There


My Colorado 300 have still problems to show some caches. With some listings the text will display garbled. In some cases the colorado crashes and you have to restart it (GCTCFF or GC18N05).


I think the problem is colorado's html-parser. In both caches there are some styles an classes from ms office, maybe that's the problem.


I loaded the cache descriptions with PQ's to my colorado.


Greetings from switzerland

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Just got my new 400t and did all the updates. I see the same issue of garbled text in the description on a couple cahces. One in particular is Weeping Angel. I, too think it is proably an issue with the description containing a table-formatted puzzle. I used GSAK.

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