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  1. Thanks for the help on this. I ran into the same issue and try to reauthorize my Wherigo app (and it appeared to do so without error) but when try to do this under Search I get the: "Error talking to GC, retry" info banner and a "Groundspeak API/Error Not Authorized" notifications. I was able to download through the more cumbersome steps described above. Also has anyone tried uploading a save file recently? I was trying to do this for one my carts that didn't have a code and it goes to a Wherigo page but nothing seems to upload. g-o-cashers
  2. Bump. Since this was on Groundspeak's backlog, I'm hoping we might eventually see some changes here. Planning a trip to the area and noticed many of these small island countries and territories are still out of date. GO$Rs
  3. Interesting discussion, it seems like there are three options: 1) Have the country_id associated with the cache reflect the country that the cache is currently located in, recognizing that this could change over time. This was my assumption in my original post. 2) Have the country_id associated with the cache reflect the country that the cache was placed in, never changing the country_id of the cache. 3) Have the country_id associated with the cache reflect the country that the cache is currently located in, but have the user's log include a country_id based on the date the user found the cache. Option 3) might be the most correct approach, but I'm guessing this would be significantly more complex to implement. One could argue that Groundspeak should do this for all cache parameters since I've found many caches which have changed T/D ratings, type, owner, etc. over time. If my logs reflected what I found based on my find date, that is probably the more correct but one that is harder to implement and requires Groundspeak's data models to evolve. In my opinion, 1) is the next best option because it reflects current reality and is consistent with the way other cache parameters are handled. It does mean I might "lose" countries, but I'm okay with that. Option 2) seems like the worst option, since someone logging an old cache placed in a different country gets credit for a country that might not exist any longer and they wouldn't get credit for the actual country they are logging the cache in. I also realized there was a mistake in my original post. Bonaire, Eustasia and Saba are part of the Caribbean Netherlands . GO$Rs
  4. There have always been some weird things with how Groundspeak reports countries in the Caribbean, several years ago a problem similar to the one below was fixed with Nevis and St. Kitts so I'm hoping Groundspeak will do the same here. The majority of the issue is with a country (country_id=148) called "Netherland Antilles". This country no longer exists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netherlands_Antilles . The 6 islands in the former country have broken into 3 autonomous countries, Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten, plus Saba, Sint Eustiatius and Bonaire are special municipalities of the Netherlands and part of an entity called the Dutch Caribbean http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_Caribbean. Even before the Netherland Antilles went way Groundspeak had its own problems allowing some of the "entities" (Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Curacao, Saba) to have caches in both the Netherlands Antilles and the individual entity. In addition, Sint Maarten was never broken out as a separate country. Why does this matter? If you cache in the Caribbean you end up with some extra countries you really shouldn't have and miss out on a few you should. This would actually give me one fewer countries visited, so I'm not trying to jack up my stats here. Recommendation: - Remove "Netherland Antilles" as a country (country_id=148), currently there are 26 active caches in the this country_id (I'm sure there are more which are archived) - Create a new country_id for Sint Maarten, since it really is a country - Move all of the Netherland Antilles caches (9) and St. Martin (yes these are different countries) caches (2, GC1QF1D & GC2PJXN) which are located in Sint Maarten to the new Sint Maarten country_id - Move Netherland Antilles caches located in Bonaire (6) to country_id 275 - Move Netherland Antilles caches located in Saba (6) to country_id 277 - Move Netherland Antilles caches located in Curacao (5) to country_id 54 Technically you could move Bonaire, St. Eustiatius and Saba to another new country or to a "state" in the Netherlands country_id and this might be more correct, but it seems in the spirit of things to keep these three islands as separate countries in the Grounspeak World! GO$Rs
  5. It has changed a bit. Split each map product into its own .img file by giving them different names and you should be able to select them independently. See this for more details: http://garmin.blogs.com/softwareupdates/2010/09/map-selection-improvements.html GO$Rs
  6. I would submit the cache ID to the oregonbeta@garmin.com email address. These bugs occasionally crop up, usually a bug in the html parser for the Oregon. -Scott
  7. The chirp is based on ANT+. While there aren't any third party options yet, Wahoofitness is working several ANT keys that may allow other GPS's or smartphones to communicate with a chirp. GO$Rs
  8. If you are using "Send To GPS" there is a limit of 200 files (or 200 caches, since there is one cache per file). Could you be running into that limit? GO$Rs
  9. Once you are navigating to a geocache you need to hit MENU>View Geocache>Log Attempt>Found. Based on your description I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do -- are you hitting the "FIND" button? If so, that button is for a different purpose, it brings you to a menu that allows you to select your destination. To change the screen timeout go to Setup>Display>Backlight Timeout>30 seconds. GO$Rs
  10. No kidding. I, for one, will not put my existing caches on there because I don't want to have to maintain listings on multiple sites. Besides, I'm bothered by Garmin's move to Bing's inferior maps. It's rumored that Microsoft forced Garmin into it through terms of some agreement they had. Bing's satellite imagery is abysmal in my area. I won't touch it. And as such, I won't touch Garmin Connect anymore, either. Apparently, I also now have to keep away from Opencaching.com, too, if I want to avoid Bing maps. I guess it depends on your location. Recently google's aerials around here have moved to imagery taken during the summer when the foliage is on making them a lot less useful for seeing things like trails, rocks, small bodies off water in the woods. Bing's 360 birds eye view are quite helpful and more detailed in many cases and they don't have the foliage issue.
  11. BaseCamp only recognizes pre-installed maps, honestly I'm not sure how it distinguishes a preinstalled map vs a non-preinstalled map. BaseCamp doesn't do map overlays, you can only view one map at a time. For the non-preinstalled maps you should be able to see them in BaseCamp if you installed the maps on your computer and downloaded them to your GPS via Mapsource/Map Install. If they don't show up you can install them again on your PC to seem them in BaseCamp.
  12. Played around with my 62/Oregon/Dakota this morning and while they all pick up 46 they display the location of the satellite incorrectly on the sat page. From where I am it should be roughly SW about 35 degrees elevation and the GPS shows it as due E at about 10-15 degrees elevation - similar to Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide's images above. It might be just a visual issue but I wonder if these errors affect how the unit picks which WAAS satellite to use (or try first).
  13. That's right. There is another limit if you use the "SendToGPS" button on this site. The unit can only open 200 gpx files and SendToGPS downloads a single file per cache. You'll run into the file limit before the geocache limit. You'll need to be using pocket queries to get multiple geocaches per file.
  14. Skip EasyGPS and just load the GPX files directly into the \Garmin\GPX directory after you unzip the PQ.
  15. Should also mention the other advantage of the Garmin 24k maps over gpsfiledepot maps is the roads are routable. I use the 24k maps in New England (even though I have the City Nav maps installed) and they are almost as good as City Nav -- I have found a few errors that newer versions of CN seems to have fixed.
  16. 5000 geocaches is the short answer. I don't think there is any limit on the number of logs/cache, most people use 5-10 logs. You cannot have more geocaches with fewer logs. If you really want more than 5k there is a POI option which will allow you to load as many caches as you want -- however you won't be able to use some of the paperless features of the unit with these POIs (you'll just have the descriptions, logs, hints, etc).
  17. It isn't, data fields for trip computer/map/compass screen are documented here: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Trip+Computer#toc7
  18. You should see these for finds and DNFs (I do on my 550 running 4.2). Some logs types like "note" don't have an icon. How are you loading your geocaches (GPX, PQ, sendtogps)?
  19. I have this combination on my Dakota 20 but I don't have it here with me to grab a screen shot. I can tell you that the performance (zoom and pan) with these settings works fine but in my experience it is way too dark. I usually turn back the detail a notch if I'm hiking in areas with lots of elevation change and have the shading turned off (or on auto which disables it below a particular zoom level) to improve visibility. I also create multiple profiles so I can switch back and forth between map settings quickly (usually a high viz profile and a detailed profile with the shading on and details cranked up).
  20. One is the Software version and the other the GPS Software version, the former is the Garmin software and what most people talk about when discussion the version of software on their GPS (the 62/78's only display this version). The GPS software is provided by the 3rd party GPS chipset maker in this case STM and changes less frequently but can have impact on the performance of the receiver. Easiest thing to do is connect to your computer and run webupdater. It will tell you when it is time to upgrade. There is a version 4.20 out now which you may want to pick up. GO$Rs
  21. I would go to the Map and do the following: MENU>Setup Map>Data Fields>Dashboard>Geocaching This will add a dashboard containing the cache name, pointer and distance to cache near the top of the page.
  22. In the few tests I did that seemed to be what was happening. Create waypoint takes a reading of your location and then the averaging starts. I guess there is no guarantee that the first "averaged location" you see is the same as the snapshot especially if the GPS hasn't settled or is moving around when you start the averaging. You may be right, there could be something else going on here, I'm just going based on what I saw and it seemed to make sense given the theory above. Second time around (and thereafter) its pretty easy to see that this is what's going on, especially if you move around a bit to introduce some error.
  23. From what I understand the nike ipod hardware is not compatible with chirp -- an additional ANT+ "key" which plugs into the iPod/iPhone is required.
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