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  1. When starting Basecamp, I get an error requesting a video driver update, and a message saying that 3D will be disabled. Fair enough, I update my video card drivers, and double check DirectX, and update Basecamp. Clean reboot...drumroll Same Message The 3D display can not be initialized and will be disabled. Please update your video drivers This is on a Win XP install, ATI drivers on a 9800PRO running 1680 x1050. Has anyone else experienced and fixed this problem?
  2. My Colorado 400T is shutting done when I go to the select map button. I was able to upload and view both captured satellite imagery and a park map no problems. But as I said, it shuts down immediately when I go to "select map" Ideas? Note, I am inside, with no satellite lock at the moment. was there a GPS software update too, or just the firmware?
  3. Change History Changes made from version 2.95 to 2.96: * Improved render quality of GB Discoverer maps and maps with satellite imagery The only change listed. Satellite Imagery? http://www8.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=4531
  4. "You can't just name a IMG file anything and get the Colorado to view it." You can now, I have 6 maps loaded, all selectable, and named them whatever I liked. The Map name that appears on the GPSr is encoded into the .img when compiled and remains unchanged
  5. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=225411
  6. so, now that the Colorado can handle *.img as a map file, is there some way to rename the map files coming out of mapsource to be anything other than gmapsupp.img? Also, is there a way to edit the names that appear on the map selection screen? I use a fair amount of custom maps, and sometimes the names come out rather cryptic.
  7. follow that link in the man's signature above you
  8. because the Oregon is a much newer, more sophisticated unit?
  9. Garmin can't , and shouldn't have to, protect you from your own stupidity
  10. Garmin can't , and shouldn't have to, protect you from your own stupidity
  11. I beleive there are only 2-3 file names that the 400T will recognize. gmapsupp is the one created by mapsource, you are overwriting it when you send a second one. * gmapbmap.img (typically the preloaded 300 base map) * gmapprom.img (typically the preloaded 400 maps) * gmapsupp.img (typically created by Mapsource)
  12. "Most people?" I don't know ANYONE who has done that. But then, I'm just a nobody. Your reply might actually be helpful if you gave the OP some idea of how to acomplish this easy solution. I believe the popular method is to use a peer to peer torrent network. A quick search of google yields http://www.google.com/search?q=directroute...lient=firefox-a It would be illegal to use a program like utorrent to download one of those torrent files. It would also be illegal to use the instructions included in the files to bypass the copyright protection. Be advised many of these illegal downloads include trojans and viruses. Often there are comments regarding a particular torrent on whether it is safe or not.
  13. Imagine how angry you would be if you bought it, then found out most people easily download it over the internet and then crack the copy protection.
  14. You could buy the dog tracking system from garmin, then your dad just needs a collar
  15. I see Garmin has rolled out DVD versions of the 24K sd cards, which include multiple states, for about $129 US does anyone know if they have posted a schedule of when they will release the rest of the US?
  16. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the OP is single. This forum was already full of whiny, over entitled, complainers that feel if they spend "their hard earned dollars" on a product that it entitles them to join the design team, design and select the features they want, and get instant firmware upgrades and magical hardware upgrades that allow new features, while exercising their God given right to have every feature on every unit ever built included in all future units.
  17. confirming trail linetype display change, big improvement What's wrong with the 3d view?
  18. http://www.amazon.com/Acer-Aspire-Laptop-I...r/dp/B001DL2BUM 2.9 pounds, 9" screen
  19. no, but I don't get calls on my Colorado either....
  20. In a related item, how do I "enable transparent maps" as described in the FAQ M9.) How do custom transparent maps look on top of Topo 2008? Like other maps you can see the DEM relief shading. However, since the maps are transparent you can also see the vector data (roads, contour lines, etc) from Topo 2008 as well. This causes certain maps, particularly custom transparent topographic maps, to look very "busy" because you can see contour lines from both maps. If you have City Navigator, one nice trick is to enable both Topo 2008 and City Navigator. If you enable transparent maps in this situation you can see the relief shading but since City Navigator is not transparent and is layered over Topo 2008 the vector data from the Topo 2008 maps is hidden. As a result you get a very clean view of the transparent maps over City Navigator with DEM shading provided by Topo2008. I do a lot of driving in the "backcountry" of Indiana, and would like to take advantage of autorouting, while seeing shading, or preferably the contour lines themselves
  21. Only on this forum would a price reduction be considered a slap in the face. The sense of over-entitlement here astounds me.
  22. so if a guy breaks into your car and steals your GPS, he knows where to find the rest of your electronics too!
  23. I think they are trying to make money.
  24. Have you uploaded maps to your unit? You may not have enough memory to load the update.
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