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Hints in my 60csx


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ok I read the GSAK FAQ, and read that I can make it transfer the hints to my GPSr insted of the cache description in my notes page on my GPS.


The FAQ reads:

11. I would like to see the cache hint in my GPS. How do I do this?


Firstly, your GPSr must support a waypoint description (sometimes referred to as notes or comments) in addition to the waypoint name. Secondly in the "Cache Description format" enter the special tag of %hint. An example of a GPSr that supports notes is the Garmin 60c/s (Note: currently the 60c/s only supports a maximum of 30 characters in the notes)


Where is the "cache description format" that I enter the %hint.


I searched but co0uldn't figure it out.


Thanks in advanced


Bill. Team FUBAR

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Check out this rudimentary GSAK tutorial that was created a while ago. It should help you figure out where to put the "smart name" codes on the "Send to GPS" dialogue box.


I use %smart=9 %con1%typ1%dif1%ter1 for the Waypoint Name.


This includes part of the Name, the Size of the container, the Type of cache (Traditional, Multi, Virtual, Puzzle), the Difficulty and Terrain (based on a 10-point scale).


In the Waypoint Description blank, I use these codes: %Name=10 %hint


Since you have an 'x' version, you can use Garmin's free POI Loader to send information to the GPS unit as POIs. I have more than 5000 POIs in my GPS now, including information on every cache I found by year, as well as current "Unfound" caches, and many local Benchmarks.


I use different "smart name" codes for the .gpx Export for the POIs. For the Cache Description, I use %Name %By %Hint %Code. That gives me the Name, the Owner, the Hint, and the GC Code since some of the people I cache with often use that for reference.


The "smart name" codes can be mixed and matched anyway you want to, depending on what information you find useful. :D

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"%hint" goes in the "Waypoint description format (comments)" field of Send Waypoints to GPS.


If you use customized POIs as Miragee suggests, and I also recommend, the field is named, "Cache description format" in Export GPX/LOC File.


The hint in either of these fields ends up in the same hint/comment section of your GPS, don't know why they are not named the same in GSAK for consistency.

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I began and have kept up the same pattern from along time ago. I upload caches in my area as they come out using MapSource and updating eache waypoint manually by condensing the hint. You do have to keep room for extra waypoints 'cause if you navigate to a POI and want to save it include it on your calendar, you need to create a waypoint out of the POI. If I have trouble finding the cache, I'll look up the POI for additional info.

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OK, I was able to make changes so that now I can see the dif/ter, type of cache, and a small part of the hint on my GPSmap 60CSx. Is there a way to change the number of characters seen in the Notes section? I tried changing Maximum Characters in GSAK but that didn't change the number of characters on the GPSr.



By the way, in the for what it's worth catagory, I think it stinks that Garmin made a big deal about the Geocaching functions of this unit when in reality, it does nothing that my Garmin Quest won't do.



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