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Cool stats for profile page

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My profile is a disshevelled mess- every now and then you run across someones profile that has reall cool personal stats pages attached in their profile. Does anyone have a link or location to help me with my cluttered mess?


You can visit "It's Not About the Numbers" here: http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/

Or, download "CacheStats" here: http://www.logicweave.com/cachestats.html


I actually use both; each is easy to use: you'll just need to run a "My Finds" Pocket Query from the "Build Pocket Queries" link found on you "My Account" page.

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Do you use GSAK? If so there is a really neat macro FindGenStats that makes a nice stats and a macro GenUploadStats that puts it all on your profile automagically.





This is what I am using on my profile. I had to create a URL on photobucket for the county map and copy it into the notes section of the macro, no big deal.

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