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Only half of the pocket queries are delivered


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The past few months I had some problem in receiving Pocket Queries. It looks like only half of them is delivered. The PQ-page shows them as processed but they never arrive in my mailbox.


At first I had 5 pocket queries for Belgium, running them everyday. A few months ago I noticed that not all of them where delivered, 3 out of 5 was a good average, and they were not always the same 3.


After a tip from a fellow cacher I deleted all PQ's and re-entered them and recently I had to add one more for Belgium, so now I have 6 to cover the whole country.


I run 5 and 6 (the newest caches) everyday, 1 and 2 on Thursday, 3 and 4 on Friday. The 5th one is almost everyday in my mailbox, the 6th one almost never. On Thursday and Friday I receive 2 pocket queries most of the time and when lucky I get them all...


Something is wrong here, but what ?


The spamfilter at my provider is turned off (I filter them myself and geocaching is not seen as spam). The GC site marks the PQ's as processed but I can't see any other trace of them.


I anyone knows a solution, please tell...


Kind regards


Kris (&An)

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Do you have Comcast? There is a problem with that provider now and there are a few discussions about it. Most people have gotten a Gmail account and that solved the problem. That is what I had to do last summer when my ISP started blocking all of Groundspeak's domains. I never saw any of my email from Groundspeak. They just blocked the mail from coming and it backed up on the GC.com server . . . :D

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The problem is probably with the frequency at which you are running them.


PQs are processed in order of the last run date - reversed. All new PQs that have never run before are bumped to the top of the queue and are run first. Then as time allows the servers process them based on the last run date. A PQ that hasn't run in 10 days will be run ahead of one that was last generated 2 days ago.


By requesting certain PQs daily - you stand a good chance of them not getting processed at all on heavy load days.


The question you need to ask is: do you really NEED all of that data daily or can you live with a refresh every 7 days?


The point of a PQ is to take that file and go out to find caches - not accumlate more and more personal data.

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I don't have Comcast, that's for sure.


And I'll try to put them every two days to check wether that might be the solution, I'll let you know.




I've been having a similar problem with one of the queries I run on a weekly basis. I've tired running it on different days and it doesn't show up. I have a series of queries set-up for my local area based on date placed. My earliest one rarely shows up in my e-mail even though it shows it was processed on gc.com.

I don't have comcast. Luckily, it is not my query or newest caches or it would really suck. However, I did recently find my self hunting 30 minutes for an older cache that had been archived unknown to me since my GSAK & GPS were not up to date.

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