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New Caches?

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As a premium member, you could [also] run a pocket query in which you can have it only give you caches you haven't found, and/or new caches placed on/after certain dates, etc.

If you get to know the caches in your area well enough--and depending on the cache density--you could look on your local "map it," check "hide my finds," and you may be able to recognize new caches by the map visual alone.

Scrolling through those cache-pages can be a pain. It may be helpful to notice an "extra space" between the date and description that reads "NEW!" This space can be immediately seen as the page loads, so if you don't see that space, simply click to the next page: there's no need to scroll through every page looking for the "NEW!" if you don't see that space.

Good luck; have fun - you'll get it.

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