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messed up icons


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I activated several new coins this last week but the unique icons they were supposed to have came up as a plain generic coin symbol <_< - several of these coins were signal coins :P - who do I contact to clear this up


I've seen that happen too on occasion. After a few weeks the icons should show up with their proper icon. For some reason it takes a while for some icons to update. They eventually do for me after a few weeks - sometimes longer.

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The candy cane hasn't been uploaded to the server yet so that is probably the same with the other ones. Once it has been uploaded it will change to the unique icon automatically. They have been uploading some because some of mine has changed but not the candy cane yet. Sometimes it does take a while for it to be uploaded but there is a lot to this site, it will get uploaded. The people doing it does a good job and probably are like most of us, have to much going on. Happy New Year!

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Don't worry about it. The unique icons will be up and running soon enough. Groundspeak has only a dozen employees to deal with EVERYTHING having to do with our sport (and that includes the kahunas). Sadly the majority of that workforce is not dedicated to OUR obsession - geocoins!!


During busy times, ie loads of geocoins made, it can take a couple of months for some icons to get uploaded to the proper spots.

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