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Hi! Long Time Cacher - First Time Pocket Query!

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By the way, is there a means of omitting Lamp Post Cover caches in a pocket query?
Omit micros.


(you didn't say it had to be a good way.) :laughing:

You could also run two queries. The first would be all sizes except micros and the second would be all micros with a terrain/difficulty greater than 1.5.


Obviously, this won't get rid of absolutely all LPCs and it will not return some micros that aren't LPCs, but most of your LPCs (and similar micros) will be gone and you'll still be left with tons of caches to look for.

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Let me go back and build my query again.


By the way, is there a means of omitting Lamp Post Cover caches in a pocket query?






Unfortunately you'd have to throw the baby out with the bathwater and eliminate low terrain micros. The method may also eliminate a lot of great caches too however.

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I submitted a pocket query for a one time run and I did not designate a day.


I am assuming it will be put in queue in chronological order with the rests of the requests and I know there is not a specific amount of time but that it varies.


I am just wondering..on average...how long does it take?


About 2 minutes. :blink::lol::laughing:

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