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coins for charitable organization

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I was visiting with some members of my boy scout troop, and we started hashing out ideas for fundraisers. One of the boys is a geocacher (as am I) and mentioned geocoins. More particular, have some minted and sell them online such as ebay or on here. At one time, coins were a pretty hot item, but am not sure about now. I have no idea about what kind of expense we are talking about. I know that the cost of the coins is based on type of metal, number of colors etc.


I'm just curious if anybody on here has a good feel it this might be a good idea or not. Also, I know that the Boy Scouts have licensing issues, using their art and logos, so it would have to be more of a generic boy scout image other than their normal logo.


Anyway...enough rambling. I'd be interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

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When I started the idea for the Friends of Caching series coin sales were about 1000 and sold out fairly quick for an issue. If I had the coin ready exactly then...I could have sold 1000 in a flash and done really well for the organization the coins is about.


When I reached a point where I thought I was ready for pre-orders I pre sold about 159. That was a huge difference but by then I was also seeing personal coins sales drop, coins did not sell out in 10 minutes and you could wait a few days and see if you still wanted the coin.


Problems happened one of which is that 159 coins isn't much to spread the die costs out on so I am making 300 and hoping they sell. If they do I will not make the 2000.00 for that organization that I thought I could it will be 600. If I don't sell all 300...it's going to be painful.

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A couple Scouting related projects some to mind - The Hoxie Scout coins and the Venture Crew 4485 coin. The Hoxie Scout coins were made and sold as a fund raiser to help send boys to the Jamboree. I'm pretty sure the Venture crew coin was also a fund raiser, but you can contact them to be sure.


There are other Scouting related geocoins out there (and a separate thread discussing them), but those are the only ones I can think of quickly that were fund raisers of some sort.


Good luck!



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