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TBs and Coins not being logged.....


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It seems that this is becoming a norm where I live, so many caches are showing TB's and coins in the inventory, so one will go to retrieve it, find it, or swap it, and to find its not there after all!


I see many logs w/ the previous finder say Took Coin, but on the GC.com site its not written in the I-log.

The cacher takes the time to d-load the coordinates, drive to the location, find the cache, log the cache, rehide and come home, where they log the cache online...so why not ADD THE COIN/TB to their inventory?????????


I don't get it. One particular cacher here in the springs seems to go out just for the coins, and I have gone right after they found it (to swap trackables) and saw in the cache log they were there (the previous day) I have written to them and told them they need to log the TB/Coin, and out of all they found, only 1 was logged recently.


Its not like these cachers can keep them, as their own. They will not be able to show them off, for the "discoverer" will see its someone else's. These TB/s and Coins are expensive, so it totally bites that they go missing for weeks/months because someone still has them, not logged either. I totally get that some people go on vacation for a while, and no way to log in the hotel??? But by 3 weeks. they should have had a place to log it.


Sorry for the vent....just a bee in my bonnet I guess...I have a similar rant about not placing a Cache back after it says PLACE BACK EXACTLY! in the cache web description, its not rocket science people!!!!

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Like you said, people go on vacation or whatever. But a couple weeks still seems quite a while. I had dropped a coin in a cache. For the next couple weeks many of the posts said the coin wasn't in the cache. :anicute: Then it was at least two weeks later when someone back logged the date of their find to the day they actually visited (a day or so after I was there.) They took the coin. But for those two weeks it didn't reflect very well on the person that dropped it off!!! :lol::wub:-_-

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Kind of a hard topic to address. There are stolen coins, people who don't understand how to log, and others who take a long time to log. I prefer to take each situation one at a time to say what really happened.


If a coin or bug has been verified as missing from a cache for over 30 days, it needs to be removed from the cache listing and placed out to an unknown location so people aren't visiting the cache expecting to find the traveler.

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Welcome to the Hall of Angst. It happens all the time. And some people never even log, but do end up dropping them off. It's hard to get the word out to people. If we teach the people we introduce to geocaching from day one what is expected, they will know. Otherwise, it's trial by fire. They learn as they go.

There's another scenario, where they pick them up, drop them off and forget to ever write down the tracking number, so they can't log it without going back to the cache.

The situation you are talking about is especially frustrating, because you know they know how, they've logged one before. All I can say is just keep having fun geocaching, and don't have great expectations that the TBs listed in the cache will all be there when you get there.

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I had just this scenario happen to me TODAY. I took the trouble of taking the 18-wheeler down a narrow road, getting out and searching for a cache where a Green Jeep TB was supposed to be. The jeep was nowhere to be found, but I found a note on the TB page where a guy picked it up back in JUNE! I sent him a message suggesting he grab the TB from the cache, but geez -- am I the only one who noticed the TB was missing for OVER FIVE MONTHS?


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I just posted a question similar to this topic.


Is it appropriate to ask a fellow cacher when they plan to place a GC that they have had for 2 mos? I have looked, and this person is actively caching and picking up other TB/GC's and placing.





Advice, like friends, always welcome.

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