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Is this bad logging etiquette

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I've been Geocaching for a couple years and recently my girlfriend started going with me. I've been signing the geocaches she has found with me as "tmbarta and girlfriend". My girlfried just set up a Geocache account and her username is "and girlfriend" Would it be bad etiquette for her to go back and log the finds?


All opinions are welcome and thanks in advance.

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Yep... That's always acceptable in my opinion (and my opinion is always the correct one).

If I were her, I'd log them with the old dates too.

That is worded funny.... She should log them with the same calendar date that you logged them with.

I see that all the time.

ex - june 03 - Re-logging under my own name. Found it with old boyfriend before we broke up. :wub:

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Folks do just exactly that all the time. If I were her, I'd add a note saying something like, "Logged with tmbarta, and now I'm logging under my own name. Thanks" at the beginning or end of each log.


I would only add that I've seen way to many of these where "Logged with (insert cacher name here), and now I'm logging under my own name. Thanks" is the ENTIRE log. While that gets you the smiley it doesn't do much for the cache owner or the cache history. Have her read your old log then include something she remembers from that day. My old logs ALWAYS bring back memories of a find.

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PErfectly acceptable.

I've just helped my mum make her own profile and log all the caches that she got with Dad and i.

We put on all of them that she was looging find's that she got with us and the exact same date we found them and i agree with the Cardinal we put some of her own observations in for the day as well. (like the one she found while dad and i were still half way down the hill arguing about co-ords)

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Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.


(Off topic) What would you do if your "and girlfriend," becomes "and wife?" :surprise:


Right. It might be good to mention that we can't change our geocache alias without starting a new account and then there is no way to transfer log entries to the new account.

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My grandson just got an account and in the last coupla weeks he's logged about forty some odd caches that he found way back. No complaints from the owners....


Heck some of our locals have newly created accounts for their pets and have been doing "Rover found this last year, but just got his account and is catching up."

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