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Postcard in cache


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I'd trade for it and send it to them. There is a cache near here that is stocked with cards addressed to the owner's parents. To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary she's arranged for us to send them our best wishes. :wacko:

I doubt she would want many of us to actually meet them in person though. :laughing:

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There is an aspect of geocaching where people send letters via geocaches. Don't know how that works, but it could be someone is trying to send it that way. I believe these caches are usually designated as a letter/postcard receptacle for moving them along, but someone could put it in another cache by mistake.

The address could be that of the person who placed it in the cache and they are merely leaving a log of their visit or maybe they want someone who finds it to send it to them.

Well, once something is in the cache it becomes up for grabs.

I found a couple of postcards from North Carolina in a cache left there no doubt as a token of the cacher's home state.

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