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Proposal for Notification enhancement


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I recently started (and then stopped) using notifications to learn of newly published caches near me. The concept was great ... until my cell phone, which is always on, got a notification at 3:00 a.m.!! Rather than having to turn notifications off at night and then back on in the morning, how about letting us set "Do not notify between x and y o'clock."


And you didn't run out the door just then to try for FTF? If you wait until morning, someone else might get it. :huh:

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I'd just turn off the cell phone.
The simplest solutions are the best ones. :huh:


Many people these days only have cell phones, like myself. Not really an option.

so, don't send it to your cell phone.

Again, one of the simplest solutions :-P

OK, I thought about this one some more. I think the OP is one of those folks who has a 'smart' phone for all of their data needs. And they stated that shutting it off is not an option.


How about another simple solution or two.

1] I love lists

2] set your phone to silent at night. This may not work based on your job or personal situation.

3] check the phone manual or manufacturer, there may be a way to block incoming e-mails, but not cell calls, for a certain length of time. Kind of like pausing the e-mail send and receive function from, say, 11 pm to 6 am...



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