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"Dave, Carl and Suzanne from NJ."


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:) Anyone know them? They have my ATV TB and never logged in from a cache in Maine on July 12, 2007. Let me know if you may know them, Thanks, racatv


Considering they just signed the logbook with their first names, they're probably never going to log online. They and their sort should never take TB'S!! I guess the best you can hope for is that they will (or already have) dropped it unlogged in another cache. Unfortunately, there's a good chance the TB will never be heard from again. Best of luck.


You never know though, maybe one of the Joisyites has heard of them. :P

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Another case of a new cacher Without intentions of taking the hobby seriously strikes another TB total bummer!


Not necessarily. There are many people who just don't log their finds on the website. As I said before, they should not take TB'S!! I figured most people do it for privacy reasons. But the only time I ever met one was at an event (which they never logged, obviously). They sought me out, and of course I had never heard of them. They claimed "internet incompetence" as the reason. :laughing:


And there are tons of old-timers who stop logging finds online, but I doubt thats the case here.


Hey ThirstyMick, that was pretty funny. :)

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This cache was pretty far out in the woods, so I doubt they aren't cachers. It just burns me because I put a lot of planning into it and specialty ordered my ATV so the size was just right and it wasn't all that cheap. I guess I'm just dissapointed as it was my first bug. Thanks for letting me vent! I guess I'll order a 3rd ATV and hope for the best.

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Yeah. Losing TBs can be a real downer. You cannot get too attached to them. You set them free, and hope for the best, but expect the worst. We've pretty much stopped putting out TBs after one disappeared from a cache in Minnesota, and her sister from a cache in Massachusetts. Not to mention the pink flamingo that was left at an event in New Hampshire! How could they not see a pink flamingo sitting on the bar stool!

These were not muggled! Ah, well.

One of the interesting things is to find a TB that has not been logged in or out of a cache recently. We found one in a cache in New Jersey that had disappeared from a cache in Florida 18 months earlier!

But, if you get too attached to your TBs, then TBs are not for you. Too much angst. Will my TB in the Netherlands ever make it to Maine?!?

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