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Verifying your GPSr

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Hello everyone


New here, just got a Magellen 500le , and so far it works great. BUT how do you verify your readings, if you don't have another GPSr right next to it? Thought about finding a bench mark, and comparing against that. Are there better ways??




Well, if you are going to do it that way, it's like a radar on a ship. You need 3. 2 gps won't be any good if the readings are different. How would you know which one is correct?


Yes, the better way would be to find a point of precise known coordinates and compare your gps with that.


Bet some of you are thinking, "so that's why a ship as 3 radars!!" Well, that's part of the reason!!

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a benchmark would be a great way to do - just make sure in the description is sais: "location ADJUSTED"


When you find the benchmark - let the gps settle by simply laying it down next to the disk - if, after a few minutes, your gps reads 5 ft, maybe alittle more - your unit is doing great.


I just did this under moderate tree cover here in WV - lowest reading was 5 ft. That was with a Mag 210.


Hope that helped.

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I agree with the suggestion of looking for benchmarks. But, note that each benchmark find is still only one estimate of accuracy at one location at one point in time. If you really want an accurate GPSr, spend a few thousand dollars for a professional survey unit and, even with those, you have to go through a few gyrations to correct for error.

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Well, I didn't want to sound like a complete newbee, just wanted to get some ideas. So far i haven't been able to get less then 23ft. But then again I haven't let it sit for a few minutes in 1 spot. When I live i can usually get 6-7 sats easily, had 11 at for a little, but still not less then 23ft. I'll let it sit in 1 spot for a while tonight and see what I get.

Thanks for being patient



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