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  1. I was having the same problem with my VentureCx and it looks like firmware 3.30 may have fixed it
  2. It looks like firmware version 3.30 may have fixed it! I attached it to my mac in USB mass storage mode (after updating the firmware to 3.30) and then removed the GPS from the mac and switched it on and off 5 or 6 times. Usually the beep-with-power-off would have arisen by then. I reattached it to the mac and this time to make sure, I copied a GPX file from the SD card and then removed the GPS unit. I switched it on and off 5 or 6 times again and the bug hasn't appeared! Usually the problem would easily have shown up in those 10 -12 power on-off cycles. So it looks like the bug may have been officially fixed by Garmin. Out of curiosity I took a look for the hidden folders on Windows XP and .fseventsd folder is now gone. So perhaps that was what was cauing the issue all along? The others are still there: ._.Trashes .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes Maybe someone else suffering from this might update to 3.30 and report back if it fixes their units?
  3. Bingo! Allory... you're a star. I completely missed that. Thank you. The discussion covers all of the points I raised and it does provide the terminal workaround however it doesn't come to any "proper" resolution of the bug. The discussion stops at the start of August. Do you know if there is any sign of a proper fix from Garmin? Thanks again Allory, its great to know its not just my VenturCX/Mac combination that's at fault.
  4. Thanks for that tip, that looks very interesting. Unfortunately, the piece of software costs and I cant buy software online after I was forced to take a scissors to my credit card recently. Thanks for that, I thought I had the most up-to-date firmware but I was wrong. I'll update and see if that fixes the issue. I saw an interesting post here and it said to "create files called .Trashes and .Spotlight-V100 To be sure, do this from a Windows PC and make the files read-only. Just be careful that they don't get deleted. When you try to delete files now, OS X will tell you they must be deleted immediately instead of moving them to the trash." That seemed promising, so i tried that but Windows XP wont let me create a file thats just an extension (without a filename) like .Spotlight-V100. I tried using a copy of the problem folder, by removing all its contents and setting it to "read only" but OSX disregarded the "read only" tag and wrote to the folder any way. Perhaps thats why the post said to "create files called .Trashes and .Spotlight-V100" with files in bold. Don't suppose any one knows how to create a file without a file name in Windows? I am surprised that other Garmin/Mac users haven't had similar issues regarding OSX hidden files causing problems? Thanks for your help guys. Cheers .
  5. I have a Garmin Venture CX, firmware v3.10. I recently changed from a Dell windows XP to my first mac, an iMac. So I am an OSX newbie. The problem: After switching off my VentureCx it stays beeping until I remove the baterries. Also it is crashing and freezing while in use. I thought this was as a result of upgrading to firmware 3.10 so I reverted to 2.80 but problem persisted. I got onto Garmin and they wanted me to return the unit presuming it was a firmware issue. Just as I was about to return it I tried a different microSD card in the GPS unit and the problem was gone. Happy days. For some reason I was wary of using the GPS unit with my mac. So, for the past while I only used it with the Dell. Then more recently I decided that I will eventually have to use it with the mac and so I tried to copy a .GPX file from the GPS using my mac. And straight away the problem returned. My Dell is set up to show hidden folders and I noticed 4 hidden files and folders that the mac had placed on my GPS: ._.Trashes .fseventsd .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes I had my suspicions (I don't know why) that those hidden OSX folders might be the problem.When I removed all of those hidden OSX files and folders the problem went away. So after some trial and error I have narrowed down the problem folder to the ".Spotlight-V100" folder. So I thought if OSX Spotlight is the problem I should just stop Spotlight from indexing the GPS unit. So I did that (System Preferences/Spotlight/Privacy) but the problem still happens.(Just to clarify, even when Spotlight is set to not search the GPS, it still leaves the .Spotlight-V100 folder, but with different contents) I also thought a VentureCx driver for for OSX may solve the issue it but there dosen't seem to be one. I suppose my question is what do I do now? Has any one else had a similar problem? Any help is appreciated. Cheers. I know the simple answer is don't use the GPS unit with the mac but I want to use it with my mac.
  6. Excellent information. @ Grasscatcher: That's a great tip. I didn't know that "internally", the 76 series is exactly the same as the 60 series. Is it just me or does the screen on the 76 Cx look much smaller than the 60Cx? However according to the specs the 76Cx screen is 4.1 x 5.6cm which actually makes it bigger than the 60Cx 3.8 x 5.6cm !!! There must be some kind of optical illusion going on with the housing of the 76Cx. @Red90: Excellent photo. I love seeing the internals of GPS units. The quad helix antenna is clearly visible.
  7. I was looking at the 60CSx but when thought about it I realized I am not really that bothered with the electronic compass feature and the barometric altimeter. Excluding the electronic compass and the barometric altimeter am I correct in thinking that the 60Cx is the exact same as the 60CSx in every other way? i.e. same Sirf chip, antenna etc Is there a web page that would have the exact Sirf chip spec information on it for the 60Cx and 60CSx. The Garmin specs only give general info. Thanks
  8. I have a Venture Cx and I noticed that it looses about 5 secs per day if it isn't allowed to go "online" with the satellites. However once it is allowed to go "online" with the satellites, it corrects its clock.
  9. I have a Venture CX and I am very pleased with it. I've had for about 7 months. One small thing I like about the USB interface is that if you want to prolong your battery life while driving, you can use a regular mini-USB cigarette "charger" cable (like for Motorola Razar cell phone) . The Unit will draw power from the USB source and not it's batteries -saving them for outdoor use.(Note It wont charge your batteries) And another thing that's impressive about the Venture CX is the very long battery life. I am not sure what the geocache manager on the explorist is, but there is a geocache menu on the VentureCX. You can upload waypoints that are represented by Geocache icons When you find the Geochche, the icon changes to signal that you've found it. I have no experience of the Explorer so I can't compare the two. But I can't fault the VentureCx
  10. There is some good info on GPSr accuracy here
  11. You may find some of the posts here helpful.
  12. I got the Trimble Planning software (didn't bother with the Magellan) and on a first look its great. Easy enough to use too. Thanks again for the link (& info on DOP)!
  13. Very interesting. I never knew that. Thanks for the links, those programs for predicting the positions of satellites at any given location in the future look great. I am going to get them. Thanks.
  14. Well it looks like it's just my unit that's acting up! There was one small difference with my setup, I uploaded my maps with IMG2GPS, not Mapsource. I'm sure that wouldn't matter would it? Thanks for the reply
  15. That is interesting. Makes me wonder if its maybe just specific to the Venture Cx (or worst case just specific to my VentureCx.) Thanks for the feed back.
  16. That PDF of the opened Vista is great. Excellent stuff. Thanks.
  17. Check this out for info on GPSr accuracy here. It might be slightly on the technical side but I suppose your question requires a slightly technical answer! Some of the links on that page have good info too. For a short answer GPSr accuracy varies with conditions, time of day, signal quality etc. Also, different GPSrs will vary from each other. Just because someone says your measurement was off doesn't necessarily mean it was off. Their GPSr may be at fault. One thing you can check on your unit, make sure you are using WGS84 as your map datum.
  18. Has any one else noticed with the version 2.80 update for the Venture Cx (and/or the Legend Cx, Vista Cx) if you deactivate a map in the map set up page then when you switch off and restart the unit, the map is automatically reactivated?
  19. Theres is an interesting piece on GPSr accuracy here
  20. Also, (I could be wrong on this) I think the GPSr switches off a couple of channels (apart from WAAS) so instead of processing data from 12 satellites in normal mode, in power saver mode it processes something like 6 or 7.
  21. I wonder if its any of these? https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=158&pID=6449 https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=158&pID=161 https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=170&pID=70
  22. Any names or id numbers for that chip? (Just to clarify, its just the plain ol' Venture Cx, not the new 'H' model)
  23. I am forever reading how good the Sirf Star III chips are. Does any one know who makes the Venture Cx chip and if they know where I might get some more detailed info on the chip? Thanks
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