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  1. Hey all - so - does anyone know of other free online topos to use? (that looks like and behaves like the one scaredy cat used to use)?
  2. Anyone who has used the site in years past have any insight?
  3. I used to use this website often because it had a topo option. That option seems to have gone away. Anyone have any thoughts?
  4. Hey Bill - I am not up to speed on this - can you explain what is happening laymen's terms please. Thanks!
  5. I used info provided above and am good to go! Thanks!
  6. Greetings all: I haven't been on in a long while - but hope everyone is well. Question: Does anyone know/have the name and number/email address for the person we contact at the NGS to report finds or ask questions? The reason I am asking is I know of an old school getting ready to be torn down (with a benchmark disk from 1933 in the concrete stairs leading into the main entrance of the school) and am trying to see if the Gov't will agree to let the town keep it and place it in a town museum. Any help would be appreciated! Best wishes. David
  7. Hi Everyone - it has been forever since I posted here - I hope everyone is doing well. Years ago I searched for a 60+ year old USGS disc to no avail. The property is now under construction and so I called the Project Manager and he told me they HAD located the monument! He gave me coordinates - BUT - I need them translated into what I am familiar with when geocaching (N XX.XX.XXX W XXX.XX.XXX) Can anyone do the conversion I need? Here is what they gave me as coordinates: 489442.66424,1777589.00865,873.11600 Thanks in advance! David
  8. It is actually NOT an NGS disk - it is "monumented" and simply reported by NGS. I wonder if that makes a difference. Also - does any demo company really ask for permission before just ripping it out?
  9. Hey all - I haven't posted in forever - hope everyone is well. Question: I know of an old school building with a benchmark disk in its steps. It is slated to be torn down due to a catastrophic flood here in WV. As plans move forward with demolition - what would be the best way to handle it if I would like to somehow keep the disc or donate it to the community etc? Any solid advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! - David
  10. Went to create an event and don't see it listed on the page. Can anyone help?
  11. Well I went and spoke to the Site Super. and he was well aware of the disc. Said it was on his site plans! He informed me that they planned on removing it and sending it in to NGS and then at the end of the project a reset would be placed. Was he VERY informed - no - enough that I believe they are doing the right things - yes. As an aside - here in WV what they do is build a temporary bridge over the creek/stream etc and then remove and replace the bridge in the exact same spot! Start to finish takes close to 1 year to complete. Thanks all!
  12. Will do John. But question - since I may "have" the disc (if they do as you suggest) - might not the NGS expect it returned since technically it is government property?
  13. There is a bridge in my area that has a disk on it. I see there is a construction crew setting up a temporary bridge right next to it - meaning new bridge construction time. Question - How should I handle talking to the crew on scene? Do you think they even know - or care - it is there?
  14. anyone else have thoughts or opinions about my question and the mark? (and thanks Bill!!!)
  15. My brother once in a while looks for marks etc. While we know the NGS doesn't want reports about intersection stations - he still has this question for everyone: Can an intersection station, which is a fixed point on a building, remain a valid reference point if it is replaced with and exact duplicate replacement feature. What order of accuracy must be maintained for an intersection station which needs to be repaired. About the Mark http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=KV4515 About the dome replacement http://wagner.edu/wagnermagazine/?p=2101 School history http://wagner.edu/about/history/
  16. Hi all - going to look for marks from 1902 tomorrow and here are a few words I ran across: "custom-house" and foundation "water table." Any idea what I am looking for?
  17. First - THANKS to all who posted above about my specific search. Sorry but no real news to report. 1) I went to hunt for the south mark - there was no good place to get into the woods. AND... it was very lush and overgrown already so my guess is I wouldn't have had much success. Will figure out getting to it one day. 2) North stone - drove around up there - very developed. No luck. Not giving up - just shelving for awhile to try for others............... Thanks again everyone! So... now the thread is back to Meridian Marks in general!
  18. Thanks 68 and everyone. Will be searching for the south stone today around 1:30. Will report back tonight.
  19. Holtie: Can you tell me "how" to do this: "try to keep the Longitude reading on your GPS as close to the center mark's Longitude as possible." what am I looking for/at on the GPS? These marks were set in - I think - 1898 (give or take) - so based on that - is your analysis still the same? I just wonder how careful they would have been with all 3 marks - since they had a specific goal in mind with the instruments of the day.
  20. 68: Utilizing your coordinates as a starting spot when I get on sight - how big an area would you suggest searching? Is there any reason to think we are missing something and could be really looking in the wrong spots?
  21. Is this unit still for sale?
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