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  1. haha! I got all set up to do this, tried to run it, couldn't find the first img file, and it finally clicked that I can't do the 2008's yet. So yeah, I'm really excited about this program. Any word on the new files yet?
  2. I have a 60csx. I noticed it's not on either list. I bought City Navigator V8 in June. I thought I had registered it when I unlocked it, but Garmin shows no record of that. City Nav isn't a choice on the registration list. Any ideas for me? It'll be friday before I'll get a chance to call them during their business hours.
  3. I just noticed the avg feature on the 60csx this weekend. Does this average out bouncing and, in a sense, help verify the mark?
  4. I had the same thing happen. I updated the chipset and now it seems to be working fine. Thanks y'all.
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