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I am fairly new to geocaching. Up until now I had only done Virtual caches. Now I am really getting into this. Other than the paper trail from printing out cache info, does anyone keep info on caches you have been to? Do you log them, journal them, etc? (Other than logging/listings at geocache site.) If so, what info do you use or list? Same thing for Geocoins and TBs. I would like to keep a notebook of some sort with info on all caches I go to as well as some sort of notes.




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I used to this but it became a tad cumbersome. At most I now keep just a quick journal of caches for the day until I have a chance to enter them online. I just used the date and cache GC codes as headers and jotted a few things down. like maybe time, trades, condition of cache etc.


I second this opinion. With nearly two thousand cache finds, all my data is stored on the GC web site.

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