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Garmin 60csx and Palm Tungsten

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You can't transfer directly from the GPSr to the Palm. You need to upload from one to a PC, then download to the other. The best way to manage data is to download GPX, either from GC.com directly, or from your GSAK database. The GPX file will have coordinates, description, logs, and so on. Then, download the GPX to your GPSr, which will load the coordinates from the GPX file. Finally, download the same GPX file to CacheMate. It will load everything from the GPX file.



If you don't use GSAK (I don't), you can use a pocket query to bulk-download caches. Or, if you are selective (I am), you can bookmark the caches you want to hunt, then PQ the bookmark list.

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I used to transfer from cachemate to my Etrex Legend using the serial port on the legend. I am sure the same could be done on the 60csx -- although I am not sure why would need to. Using GSAK I have all the caches in Washington (and lots in Oregon and Idaho) on my GPS as Points of Interest.


When I was limited to 1000 waypoints I needed to xfer while on the road. Now I have every cache I may ever run across already on my 60csx.

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