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test my avator


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well, after reading about 179 pages of this thread, I STILL don't know how to create an avatar. I like my yahoo avatar. Can't I just use that one? I get the upload of pictures, log out, log in, but where do you create one if you don't have a picture to upload????


Sometimes, I really hate being blonde.

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yeah, it's not quoting planets first comment on how to do it either. WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WRONG? Please someone, QUICK! Blow in my brain, cause all this is making the air leak out! I can't concentrate! lmao


Sometimes, I really hate being blonde.

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To all you newbies.


First, go to your " My Cache Page"

Click on "Change your account information"

Enter your password.

Scroll down to: "Photo (JPG files only)

Choose a photo for yourself. If you haven't uploaded any images yet, you can do so now."

Click on "do so now"

Browse and choose you picture. Resize the picture so it is smaller than 100k.

Upload the picture.

After you upload your picture you log out and log back in.

Then you go back to "My Cache Page" and scroll down to this: Your Avatar Image (JPG files only)

An avatar is a small photo that represents you in the forums.

This image will be resized to 75 pixels wide.

Choose the picture for the avatar, then log out and log back in. Then your avatar will show up.


Logging out and back in is the only way for the change to occur.


UPDATE for new forums: If you make changes to your profile on Geocaching.com, you will need to click on the "discuss geocaching" link on Geocaching.com while logged in for your forum profile to update. This includes avatars, signature lines, titles (for premium members), passwords, and your username. The register link in the forums will also redirect you to the page that updates your profile.


From a former newbie, who went through the same thing.


Cache you later,



[changed title for all testing]


Ok, seriously! Now it's quoting the one from earlier I wanted. Check the time stamp. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!!!

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