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  1. Hi there just got a 64s and had been using AA Nimh 2300 mAh but I got a hold of some 2700mAh can these be used in the 64 or are they to powerful not sure I have know idea I find the 64 uses lot more power so thought I give these ago please any help to understand would be great thanks LWM
  2. Big thanks a great help will load caches has normal then chnage to NAD27 to work with my map these cahea are 3000 feet up just hope i can find them when i get up to them thanks LWM
  3. Hi all Need some help I will try and explain need to use my Garmin 62st with a map which will be set for Nad27 But at the same time there is three high geocaches on the mountains and are in WSG87 If I download the caches has normal and my gps is set to WSG87 Then change the gps to Nad27 for my hike and my waypoints which be set in Nad27 If I decide to go for the caches, do I just change the datum back to WSG87 And the caches should show in to WSG87? Do I understand it right or not? Any help would be great Thanks LWM
  4. Hi all I did a mountain geocache in deeps woods for the life of me could not remmber how to access the back tracking option so just zoomed in and tried to keep on the right coures can anybody point me in the right dirction or is there an option my 60 had it. i have a garmin 62s thanks Labrador Wild Man
  5. This this a great read hope to do some winter camping and geocaching at the same time when i get to my camp site at about 1000 feet up do i Auto my altimeter so i get the right pressure and then i keep an eye on it so if the pressure start to go down then the weather is getting bad and time to leave is that right way on how to read off my 62s want is the best way to read it on my 62s any help would be great thanks LWM
  6. thanks for the info a great help to me you learn something each day thanks LWM
  7. Glad i found this thread, i have garmin 62s, very new to bareometric,altimeter pressure so hope you do not mind can i ask hear! 1, barometer pressure and then ambient pressure? what is the def and which one should i be looking at if it starts going down that means the bad weather is coming in yes or no 2,i was winter camping should few days ago at 650 feet should i have set the altimeter for that hight! 3,what is the best setting to set on my 62s for a begginer? 4, is there any good links to this to help me understand what i am looking at i love to learn more thanks for your time Labrador Wild Man
  8. I like to know when they up date the BirdsEye satallite images and which area's do not think i will re-new my membership thanks LWM
  9. Can you edit the text in normal editing mode (ie. not clicking the "Source" button)? If not, then you've probably got some kind of browser configuration problem. Do you have another browser you can try? I do not like the geocaching editing mode like to do my own i am using Explore 9 could be the problem my browser,hope some one else may have the same proplem. thanks LWM I understand you may not like the editor, but I asked if you can edit the text. If you click in the field while not in source mode, are you able to type anything? Yes i can edit just not when i change to the source mode may just have to live with it thanks LWM
  10. Can you edit the text in normal editing mode (ie. not clicking the "Source" button)? If not, then you've probably got some kind of browser configuration problem. Do you have another browser you can try? I do not like the geocaching editing mode like to do my own i am using Explore 9 could be the problem my browser,hope some one else may have the same proplem. thanks LWM
  11. The above bolded part has me suspicious. Are you right-clicking on the page and going "View source"? That wouldn't work for what you're trying to do. You need to edit the TB listing ( Edit This Trackable), then click the "Source" button in the field you want to edit. Or I could be misinterpreting what you said. Sorry not very good of explaining myself i go to edit this trackable then click SOURCE, i can see my HTML but that is it i can click anywhere in the source and nothing happens can not edit the html all i can do is look at it i can not change a thing can not high light i hope this helps thanks LWM
  12. On the Travel Bug Page. I like to do my own Basie HTML. But when I hit the show the source page I can not edit the HTML at all just look at it could do it before but not know has I said I like to design my page then cut/paste into the web page. Can anybody help us? Thanks Labrador Wild Man
  13. Hi all a great read i must admit it has take me a long time to learn on the 62s stil looking for the tips and tricks on the net ther is one for the 60csx but getting better just hope i can remmber it all when i need it thanks LWM
  14. At last got it to work i deleted all my data on the gps and all on the s/d card started again then on each track i show on map all there just have to work out the tracks to make more easy to work with great onto the next thanks LWM
  15. Opp's sorry yes basecamp! got carried away, I think i need to name each track, not just current track and i shall make a GPX file on my S/D card has well All the waypoints are there in the waypoint manager just can see the track shall give it a go thanks LWM
  16. I have been doing that, dose it have to be on the 62s internal drive or ok on the s/d? would have thought ok for both must be somthing else? thanks LWM
  17. Hi All Hard time trying to see the tracks, that i made on my basecamp The tracks are there on basemap, but when i turn the gps on and get the tracks menue and say show on map not one tracks! want am i doing wrong? was hoping that i can see all the tracks just in case i like to get on that track! i can save the tracks on my gps and they show up! but not if you have an old track or make one new one from basemap! i thought i could see them i do have the waypoints, but no tracks any help would be great thanks LWM
  18. Hi there Need some help if poss friend like to get update maps and thought i try and get geocaches on there too tryed the web but no help thought this is the best place any ideas? thanks LWM
  19. Hi found a better idea from a forum called GpsfileDepot! it said "Assuming it's like my Oregon and Montana.... first, disable tracking in the setup menu (do not record). Then use the track manager to clear the current track. Now when you get to the spot where you want to begin, turn tracking back on (record, show on map). When finished, save the track and turn tracking off again (do not record). If you didn't do that, you would have a line from the last location to the new location when you turn the unit on. But I don't understand the line at the end of the track. Once you have saved the track, I wouldn't expect it to change." Still think it is better not to have this idea. thanks lWM
  20. Just got a rely from Garmin it said Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I'll be happy to help with this. I would suggest clearing the track log at the start of each hike. This can be done by: 1. Go to the Trip Computer page 2. Press the Menu key 3. Select Reset 4. Select Clear Current Track and choose Yes. If you've already tried this, you may also want to double check that the software in your 62s is up to date. Our Webupdater application can do this: http://www8.garmin.com/products/webupdater/howtoinstall.jsp Let us know if you need further assistance. just have to remember to do this LWM
  21. This is a good reason but! As pointed out if you clear the tracks when you start out that will get rid of the first straight line, then when you finish save the track so that it's a record of what you want. The alternative as suggested is to use a program to delete the straight line at the end ... Garmin's Basecamp will do it as will many other programs. Using Basecamp can not seam to find how to delete that point! from where i turned it on Home, then off and when i drove miles turned it on again. just that point basecamp delete all the tracks. so i have to go to mapsauce first, it dose load the track and then delete just that point great then save has a gpx load to basecamp any ideas on this one thanks LWM
  22. Hi all Have a very hard time with my 62s I proceed from my house (with unit turned off), to the position where I wish to start the track. Turn on the unit, Here is the issue. A "track line" is showing from the house to the start of the track has been added on to the track. Also, even though I had turned the unit off at the end of the track (after saving it) - the track also shows a direct line from end of track position to the house! How do I stop these "extra" beginning and end sections being present my old GpsMap 60st never did this do hope garmin will fix thie issue anyhelp would be great thanks LWM
  23. Just found out that you can make ten Profiles on your 62s works great just takes a long time working it out LWM
  24. Hi there! Just found out about the Profile Pages on my GPS62s. Great idea but! Dose anybody know want you can change on the profiles and ones you can not touch? Like my Geocaching profile i like the WAAS/EGNOS on but like it off on my Recreational to save battiers? But will not? the maps are ok to change and so on and how many profiles can you make any info on the side of the 62s would be great thanks LWM
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