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What items do you keep in you Cache bag?

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I have a small backpack my wife bought for me. Some may say looks like a teenage girl’s purse, but they would be wrong. It is a manly cache bag. Here is an inventory of what I have in it:

1 gal ziplocks

sandwich ziplocks

pens pencils


cache info sheets

trade/swag items


pocket knife



What else should I keep in my purse..I mean Cache Bag?

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What else should I keep in my purse..I mean Cache Bag?


Okay it's called a Man Purse :laughing: for starters mine is a Fanny Pack and this is what I carry in it.


Mechanics extention mirror. (Thats a mirror on stick)

Tick Spoon



Neopreen Gloves

Extra Pens (Because I always leave them in the car)

Several Micro Log Books sealed in tiny Ziplocks (For Cache First Aid)

Forceps (Is that how you spell it.)

My Sig Coins


Water Bottle

Mace (To ward off a dog or person attack.)( :anibad: Spray down wind only! :anibad: )

Head Lamp

Mini Mag light

Extra AA Bateries

Muggle Cards (Business Cards with info about Geocaching.)

Swag / Travel Bugs


I thinks that about covers it.


Hope this info helps you out.

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Ok, let's see. I have a GeoBox (a converted tool box).


All my trade items (TBs, Geocoins, GeoJunk),

various sizes of ziplock bags,



various micro hides,

camo tape,

zip ties,





dental pick,

hemostat clamp,

mirror on a stick,


stapler with staples,

rain poncho,

fire tacs,


glow stick,


super glue,

gorrilla glue,

geobusiness cards,

and cache logs.

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I carry a backpack and cache with 4 kids, so I probably tote around more than the average bear.


I have:

water (at least 3 bottles)

first aid kit (band-aids, antiseptic wipes, gauze, benadryl strips)

albuterol inhaler



small flashlight

swag bag



baby wipes

snack mix (cheerios, sesame seeds, raisins, & pumpkin seeds)


cell phone

cache printouts

small notebook

bag of plastic bags (for trash or to replace in a cache)

swag bag



lip balm

SLR camera

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I've got a small backpack too. But I'm a girl so it could be a purse.


I keep:


A "wilderness" hat

a couple of dry washcloths (for wet caches)

Lots of swag of all sizes for a variety of cach containers.

Many felt tip pens

map and cache page printouts -- like where a whole cluster of caches are in a certain area

Snack sized ziplock bags

Quart sized ziplock bags

Flashlight (I actually only use it for the batteries when my GPSr ones go dead)


That's about it. I keep my GPSr in my REAL purse.



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I pack a box. Bags look to much like purses to me. As close to a purse I go is a fanny pack, and it is camo. :rolleyes::rolleyes::D


I try to keep all my gear in the box, so I won't be packing too much or things I don't need. It is also easy to pack and transport, (EDIT: I leave it in the truck, I got to thinking someone may assume I pack it to the cache :unsure: ) plus keeps my stuff safe and dry, and in one spot so I won't loose it.


Here is a photo, all of that fits in the box, plus some more stuff I didn't include like cables. I add or take out stuff depending on what my plans are. I sometimes pack swag and cache repair stuff. The green case can go on my belt, and contains my GPS and the digital camera used to take the photo, as well as the flashlight, pens, lighter, and other small items like batteries, SD card, Travel Bugs.......



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I have what I call a cache crash bag that is a black backpack that I won after a geocaching scavenger hunt.




Inspection mirror (newest item)

Toilet paper

Anti-Bacteria hand wash

Swag and bling for exchanges

Knife (good one too)

extra batteries

rain slicker

sun block

lip balm

wind up flashlight

battery flashlight

walkie talkies


wool ski cap

cache containers I plan to use to place caches

old printouts of caches ive found

hey whats that? :rolleyes:

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Oh, my goodness! You had to speak to my OCD late at night, didn't you? :rolleyes:




<looks inside geocaching backpack>




camo duct tape

camo cloth tape

green 30lb fishing wire

several micro containers (yes, micro) with logsheets (with a disclaimer on one side with my email address) and pencils

ziplocs in all sizes

pens and pencils (including mechanical) in all sizes

apple punch, given to me by a friend

3by5 notebook for my Waymarking sticker log

small scissors

apple stamp for letterboxes that I found in a cache last year

mini stapler that I found in a cache last year

carmex that I did not find in a cache

teeny snake bite kit that I found in a cache 5 years ago

mini flashlight

pencil sharpener

small leatherman type tool that I found in a cache 5 years ago

zipties of various sizes and colors

lanyard (not sure why)

extra 3by5 notebooks

my personal tb with lots of cheerios stuff on it

several different sizes of disclaimers

tb's/coins sometimes



signal the frog


Some of these things I take out if I'm taking a longer walk. I used to carry wipes, but I've never quite found a container that doesn't let the wipes dry out over time.


There are other items that I bring with me most/a lot of the time that I put in my backpack or just carry with me. Of course, I bring the normal trip/hiking/outdoor stuff as well like jacket, water, snacks, etc....


gps when I can steal one

camera! with xtra sd card

cell phone

cache printouts sometimes

xtra cache containers (lately I've been lugging around two bags of lock-n-lock type caches and an ammo can....I need to take care of my disabled caches whenever I get the chance, I'm finally picking them off one by one :rolleyes: ).


After reading some of the posts, I'm reminded of things that I would like to add to my backpack:


small first aid kit


emergency poncho

extension magnet (or whatever you call those)

surgical gloves

antibacterial gel

wipes, somehow

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Well, I guess I should add to this! I use a multi pocket waist pack to organize all my stuff, but don't wear it unless I'm going to be hiking a ways to the cache. What's in it?

2 or more bottles of water

2 different types of compass'

monocular (smaller than binoculars)

mini mag light

LED flashlight

multi tool

extendable mirror

flexible mechanical fingers


counter (very handy)

individual packed hand scrubs


first aid kit

bug repellant

hand sanitizer

cell phone


maps for the area I'm going to


duct tape

a couple of geocaching brochures

zip lock bags

note pads

pens and pencils (with sharpener)


couple of clean rags


hiking staff

swag and maybe TB's


Now that I think about it, it's no wonder my back hurts by the end of the day! :rolleyes:

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