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Cobra 1000

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I had a Cobra 2.5 years ago before I started out geocaching. As I remember it the compass screen and the highway screen didn't really do anything unless you were GOTO'ing a waypoint. And even then it didn't seem right as compared to Garmin's or Magellans.

I returned it since it also didn't have some coordinate formats that I find important like UTM & MGRS and also Maidenhead (for ham radio). At that time they stated there were no plans to upgrade the firmware to correct problems and add features. I'm not sure if that has changed in all this time. If you can try to return it and get something else, if you can't then all I can say is try it out and work with it's capabilities.

I did like that it used Rand Mcnally road maps. But now I'm spoiled with Topo maps on my replacement.

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The Cobra line has gotten clobberred around here. Their units have been described as unusable or worse, with the notable exception of the Cobra 1000. It has a small be loyal following. You may want to use the search function for "Cobra 1000" and see what you turn up. If you want hands-on help in the Minneapolis area, you may want to post something in the Midwest Forum.

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Cobra does not make handhelds anymore, only "car units". I believe the 1000 was their last handheld. The main reason is they got crappy satellite reception and you could not use programs like Easy GPS or GSAK to download waypoints.


That is why they have such a crappy rep on here. I have never owned a Cobra, but I have tested the 100, 500 and 1000. I can tell you that the caching community is right on the money as to what a piece of crap the first 2 units are, but the 1000 is pretty good, so long as you're willing to manually enter waypoints.


Good luck!

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I'll agree with you about the satellite reception; it does take a little while to start up so I just turn it on before I "need" it. Also, the 1000 is a bit big, but since I tend to drop things, the neck strap and beefy profile are "good" for me. Finally, even though the manual entry isn't "fun", it doesn't take too long.


I wasn't thrilled about the idea of spending $200 on my first unit. I bought the Cobra for $60 used, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I think I just need more practice.


Thanks so much for writing. I may upgrade some day, but perhaps I won't have to.

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