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Finding all the Caches in your immediate area

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Let's see...


464 Caches within 10 miles

At 20 miles, add 1121 more!


This is why I got a kick out of the "is geocaching slowing down" post here in the forums :ph34r: .


Current find count: 286... many of which are from outside that 20 mile radius. Last weekend we went on a cache run and the nearest cache to home was 39.5 miles. Farthest one that day (19 caches later) was 82.3 miles from home.


I haven't even gotten all of the caches within a mile of my home (11 of them). I've got 9, DNF'd 2 and one is #3 in a series of puzzle caches that I'm saving for a later date.


For those of you in "cache thin" areas, you may want to come out to California for next year's GeoWoodstock. The greater Sacramento area is thick with geocaches!


Driver Carries Cache

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