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76CSx routing/recalc question


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I have just bought the 76 having upgraded from a GPS V.


I have been testing the unit on known routes to and from work.

It seems that the 76 is very slow to realise that you are off route.

If I miss a turn, I can then trvael a good few hundred yards and pass a number of turns before it

realises I am off route. Once it does the recalc is super quick compared to the V.


Could this have someting to do with the Mapsource mapset I have loaded or is it more something to do with 76 itself?





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What are you planning to do about it?


I've changed my mind! I think this problem is also to do with the processor speed of the GPSr. I think the 60/76/etrex units run pretty slow when compared to some of the dedicated in-car units. For instance the screen scrolling (when driving) is very smooth on my Tomtom 710 (running at 400MHz) compared to my 60CSx (processor speed unknown), which jumps along the road in small steps. Route re-calcs take 3-4 sec on the Tomtom but much longer (I haven't timed it) on the 60CSx.


Hence, with a slower processor, the unit will take longer to realise that I have made a detour. It will also take longer to calculate the new route.


Lock on roads is an interesting issue that has had some passionate views expressed about it (for and against) in past posts. On the Tomtom, it always runs 'locked on'. However it can be fooled (even when driving down a motorway with full satellite reception) into momentarily thinking it is on a minor road next to the highway. Suddenly I get a 'turn left in 200 yards' message whilst piling along at 70mph. Not very helpful at all.


Using my 60CSx with 'lock' off, at least I know where the GPSr thinks it is, even if it has wandered off the road because of a poor positional fix. Then I know to proceed with caution until accuracy improves.


So to answer your question, I don't plan to do anything about the issue, other than accept that it happens, and be aware of the limitations of the unit/software. It's such a brilliant device in so many respects that I am very happy to live with it.

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If you get used to the Go710, you cannot stand the 76CSx re-routing.

That's why I have a Go510 for car driving, 60CSx for caching. The 60CSx is fine for car if you follow its routing religiously, don't try TomTom 'stunts' (re-routing on the fly) on it, it won't work. TomToms use Linux, which is fast, & the 510 and 710 , while not top of the line like the 910, share the same CPU & RAM.

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You can make a choice between route calculation time and route quality, in the set-up.

Since these units aren't lightning fast in route re-calculation, the offset from the current route, where the re-calculation kicks in, is probably larger than it is in a Zumo, for example. This distance varies between models.

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