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Almost peed in pants while Geocaching

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so far just a few run-ins with rattlesnakes. actually i dislike all snakes, didn't mean to single any one kind out. i just give them a wide area unless they get aggressive in which they end up dead. man i dislike snakes!



I hate snakes. I mean really hate snakes

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Scared by a TURKEY!


I saw a bunch of small birds scurrying down the trail ahead of me. I thought they were quail, maybe?


Suddenly, within a couple of feet, a large turkey jumped out of the grass with a loud noise and the ruffle of wings. For a second it scared the heebie-jeebies out of me!


Pants still dry though.


Imagine how that would feel while sitting on a horse.......... Horses are allergic to excited Turkeys...

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so far just a few run-ins with rattlesnakes. actually i dislike all snakes, didn't mean to single any one kind out. i just give them a wide area unless they get aggressive in which they end up dead. man i dislike snakes!



I hate snakes. I mean really hate snakes


My granny used to say "There's only two kinds of snakes that can hurt you. Deaduns and liveuns! :rolleyes:

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I found what I thought was the likely hiding spot for a nearby cache, a deep hole in the top of a fence post. There was a piece of fishing line attached to the fence and dangling into the hole , but there was nothing on the other end. The hole was deep, it was overcast, and I couldn't see very far into it. I shined my flashligh in, leaned close, and found a pair of eyes looking up at me. I must have jumped 10 feet back. I realized it was only a mouse and stood there laughing. Truly scared me to death for a moment.

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Having just started geocaching I had really only searched for caches that were hidden pretty much out in the open so I could get better at it, when I finally decided to look for one that was farther back in the woods. I love to hike so I found one that was down a very nice trail that takes a little time to get to.


I was hiking through a particularly remote part of the trail, heading for the cache and not thinking of anything special, when I looked up to see a Dog standing in the path looking right at me. I stopped in my tracks and he did to.


I noticed he had a collar on which told me he was someones pet so maybe he might be ok. He turned around and started walking back the way he came, so I took a few more steps forward and another Dog was in front of the the first one, he started walking with his buddy, back to wherever they came from.


I waited a couple minutes listening to their footsteps receding into the distance and went ahead to the cache.


It wasn't that big a deal, it was just really startling to look up to see a Dog standing in your path when you didn't hear it to begin with.


It was great!

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A friend and I were out caching in rural southern Ohio late one afternoon when we decided to wrap up the expedition by looking for a cache in an old historic cemetery. The cache was a quick find; as we were signing the log, I looked up and saw a huge hound running at top speed from a nearby farmhouse, straight at us. He wasn't barking or making any noise, he was just coming straight for us. I had no idea what to expect. As he got closer, he didn't seem to be slowing down a bit, which made me wonder whether we should have run for our lives; this guy reminded me of the Hound of the Baskervilles! At the very last minute, the dog pulled up, got on his two back legs, and tried to lick me to death! :) He followed us around like the big puppy he was until we got in the car and left for home. It probably took my heart about 15 minutes to stop pounding after that encounter.



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there is one thing that always scares me when we go caching.


my girlfriend and I like the views from high places, we LOVE caches which are at the top of overlooks.


She is fearless of heights. I am not.


To clarify, it's not an irrational fear, I've had mountaineering training in my past, and was moderately accomplished at rock climbing and rappelling; including the free fall rappel from a helicopter skid back in ROTC training.... but I find it much different when I'm dealing with unstable limestone and have no safety rope to rely on, I always get nervous.


we had to climb to the top of this cliff for kitchen cove cache.



I was climbing one-handed since I was carrying a PDA, digital camera, and GPSr. Made it to the top, but was pretty frightened a few times during the ascent. This is not stable rock, and climbing one-handed with no rope was a bit nerve wracking for me.




my girlfriend at the edge of the top... she'd be right on the edge if I wasn't yelling to her to stay away from the edge. notice where I'm taking the picture from... way back. :) but the adrenaline rush was great, and I had a blast. Once at the top we continued to another cache, and ended up stuck farther down the bluff at the top of another large cliff which we could not possibly scale down... Everywhere we tried to find a path down, we found ourselves looking over the edge of large drop offs... and it was getting dark. That's a different kind of fear that's not quite so fun.


and after all of that, it was a DNF. we went back a short while later after reading the post from the next cachers about heir near death experience during their climb, and the second time we got it. :)


We're going back to another cache tomorrow that we went to last year and also had a scary climb. last time we ended up scaling another cliff because we didn't know there was an "easy way" ...we're going to go the hard way again tomorrow because my gf loves it. I really do love it too, though I'm scared spitless each time during the climb, and while we are at the top looking over the edge at certain death if we trip, slip, or fall.


Wow, and there I was thinking I was the only one that had this problem!


Basically the same thing - I have rock climbing/mountaineering experience, the girlfriend doesnt, so I am a bit more cautious around unstable rock formations than she is. She has no problem going right to the edge of a limestone or even sandstone (ghasp!) cliff.


We have also done a little bit of impromptu free climbing to get to a trail (we werent caching, we were bouldering) and I would definitely much rather have a rope and harnass.


I havent had any big scares like bears or anything while out caching, but keeping the girl a safe distance from the edge of 200 foot cliffs is plenty scary enough :)

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Was caching at dusk the other day. In the path were two objects, but I didn't get a good look at them, just got a scare since I have stepped near puff adders before along a trail. Only after my buddy also got a fright, did we realize it was two small tortoises headbutting each other!!!


The girls coming behind us got a good laugh at us. :)

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We were finishing up a day of caching when the sun had set and we had 2 more caches we planed on doing. We parked at a parks parking lot (it was totally dark) and went about our search using flashlights. We found the cache, signed to log, replaced the cache and headed back to the geomobile. As we were putting our CITO bags in the trash can near our car, a bike rider zoomed past us, scared us and the biker. The biker almost ran into a fence post. My hubby yelled "oh Sh*T" , and he scared me by yelling , I almost peed me pants. Has anyone out there had something happen to scare them while caching? Do tell!


I was zooming through the woods on my motorcycle and almost ran over a couple of geocachers ------------ just kidding.


Actually I'm a newB, I started on 01/01/08

I have had some good scares though.


1. This was one of those all time never forget scares. It was my first day washing windows on skyscrapers in New Orleans, your in this climbing rig with 4-5gallon buckets full of water, a wine, etc. So I'm at about 875ft and a flock of pigeons buzzes me I had forgot to use my suction cup to hold me to the side of the building, so when I pushed off (thinking 3 or 4 ft) I got air time at a 40-ish degree angle caught in the wind. Lots of wind up high, I can't explain it.


2. Last year a pickup truck backed out in front of my bike - I flew over 3 lanes of (rush hour) traffic landed in a turning lane and came about an inch from a pickup truck running over my head.


3. Sister almost died after being in labor for more than 3 days, plus she is military so the doc who refused her pain meds had to flee the building when it was all over because she was gonna claim temporary insanity after beating him to death. He really had to leave the building because of her, lol.


4. Possibly the last time I go Geocaching in Slidell, (edit: at night) La. I bent down to pet a cat that was (I thought) rubbing against my leg --- turned out to be a possum walking over my feet, with what appeared to be lots of razor sharp teeth.

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My wife and I were searching on a vine-covered wall at night. I thought I saw a white string in a clear area and grabbed it. It turned out to be an opossum's tail! Both he and I yelped and jumped. He disappeared and my wife stopped laughing after about 15 minutes. My heart took more like 30.

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A couple encounters with these guys have scared me pretty good . . . :D



I'll second the motion on that. I've had many encounters with rattlesnakes. But the one that sticks in my head is when a caching buddy of mine got a large rattler really pissed. It freaked us all out when it suddenly popped up his head and ratttled super loud. It would have stuck him had he not quickly jumped straight back out of harm's way. I was right behind him when it happened and shuddered at the thought of whether or not I would have jumped that quickly if I had been in front. :D What I do know is that if you ever do get bit, you need to call 911 ASAP, unless you want permanent damage to the area that was bitten. They'll send in helicopters if need be... :D

And then they fly you to a ER and give you CroFab ( I am a RN, I work in a ER) that cost about $30,000 for the average weight person. YIKES!


....or its free if you live in canada :D i would have never thought that the fact that i can afford to get bitten by a snake would be a reflection of my personal affluence....

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