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Approaching A Milestone


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............Need to hang out the deccies on the cache listing too, cos it looks well under-dressed at the moment! It just doesn't befit its status.......


Surely you meant to raise its status not lower it ................Burghfield Common Booty - 2000th cache hide for UK


You have missed a 'zero' off in renaming of your cache ........ :D


LOL! Its the Marstons Double Drop! :D

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Ah! But more importantly who will have the honour of clicking the special "Publish" button? :D


I guess it would be appropriate if I pushed the button on the 16th!!

Now, who guessed this a month ago?! :D:D:D


Congratulations to Lacto for winning the forecast stakes - hope there was no sly manipulation behind the scenes! :D:D:D


Thanks to all three reviewers for all their hard work - that's a lot of caches published! :D

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