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GPS & Tree Coverage

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Is there any difference between picking up the satellite signals and types of GPS out there when it comes to tree coverage? Or are they all going to have issues when under the trees?


YES, there is!


For the past year I have been using a Garmin GPSV on my ATV in the deep woods here in Nova Scotia. I had to hook-up an external antenna to get better reception under the heavy tree cover.


I just purchased a Garmin GPSMap 276c, and I don't need the external antenna on this unit. It seems to have a faster processor, and will pick up sattelites even indoors.


So, IMO a newer unit should provide better reception, and coverage. Also, I have heard the units with the SirF chip seem to have a more sensitivity, and better reception?

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Tell me about it. I am already thinking of upgrading my GPSr to a 60CSx (I have the Garmin Vista). IMO, removing as many of the "annoyances" as possible will make caching more fun. I was in one area of some woods the other day, and was the accuracy of the GPS was 140 feet! It sent me in wide circles all over the place. Almost had to log as a DNF, and then miraculously it got a better fix and I was able to zero in on the cache. I can only imagine that the new chipset would have made this find much much quicker.

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I got a Garmin eTrex Vista in April. It worked great until the leaves came out on trees late in the month. I quickly sold the Vista on eBay and bought a Garmin 60 Csx. What a difference! I have used the 60 under heavy tree canopy in Georgia and Illinois, and it works like a champ. I have used it in the deepest canyon I could find, downtown Chicago, with similarly great results.


The difference is the SIRF III chipset. It's been king of the hill for a while. But there are other enhanced-sensitivity chipsets out there, and rumor has it Garmin is going to use them for upgraded versions of the eTrex line. So there may not be as much difference between the eTrex and the 60 in the future.

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I do a lot of caching in the woods and my Lowrance iFinder works very well compared with what I used in the past (Garmin Etrex and Magellan Gold).

I have the iFinder Hunt, and they do very well under heavy tree cover. I can't remember ever losing reception while caching.

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