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  1. I use a 60 CSx as my primary, and have used my HTC EVO 4G as a backup at times. Last weekend the 60 was sort of sending me in circles so I used the EVO and it took me straight to the cache, go figure!
  2. But, you can do that with the official GS app! I use it that way frequently when I'm on non-geocaching road trips. The only thing that c:geo does differently is display all of the nearby caches on a map. The GS app shows them in a list, sorted by distance from your current location. I really don't see that stupid map being enough of a benefit for anyone to geocide over it's absence. Let me take a quick shot at this..... My house is (by the list) about 330 Meters from the nearest cache, but I can't get there from here! When I look at the map I realize that to get there the distance is more like 4K provided I don't want to go through other houses and use a machete through the woods. That's where the map helps me!! Am I going to stop geocaching because I don't have it, no, but I still consider it a heck of a loss, and it will cut down on the ability to do some caching in an unfamiliar area.
  3. My biggest reason for still using my 60CSx if having to replace all the accessories! If the 60 and 62 used the same ones it would be a lot easier choice. (i.e., car chargers etc.)
  4. I've used my EVO 4G and my Garmin 60CSx to check each other out, and I have seen them in agreement probably 99% of the time. I can't speak for the other smart phones out there. As to the HTC Thunderbolt, from the specs that I've seen so far it looks like it's Verizon's answer to Sprint's EVO with not to many differences between the two phones other than those required by the different 4G networks, and memory size.
  5. I hate to say this, but that also gave both my wife and I a smile this morning. Better hope the squirrel doesn't figure out how to re-program it!
  6. I hate to say this, but that also gave both my wife and I a smile this morning. Better hope the squirrel doesn't figure out how to re-program it!
  7. There is the ziplock bag which works to a point. Also, I was at REI last week and saw a "commercial" waterproof pouch made specifically for electronics like phones and IPods. It looks like it comes in three sizes. There is a whole bunch on their site and this link will hopefully get you there. http://www.rei.com/search?query=waterproof+cases (I apologize again for the TRIPLE above, there was something really screwed up with my connection yesterday!)
  8. I carry an EVO-4G in a horizontal holster. It's too big to carry vertically in a belt (for me anyhow). (Sorry about the double, this forum isn't working well for me this weekend, and I don't see a delete command.)
  9. I carry an EVO-4G in a horizontal holster. It's too big to carry vertically in a belt (for me anyhow).
  10. I carry an EVO-4G in a horizontal holster. It's too big to carry vertically in a belt (for me anyhow).
  11. You might want to check out the Sprint line of Android phones, I think they currently have 3, the newest being the EVO 4G. These phones should run the Android Geocaching programs mentioned in the two posts about the Droid, and the upcoming equivalent to the IPhone app.
  12. I've been looking at their accessories page for the 62, and it looks like none of the 60 accessories will work with the new 62. That's enough to make me wait a long time!!
  13. Sale dates: May 21-31, 2010. Page 6 has the GPSMAP 60CSx for $199.99 Reg. $350 save $150 Should be online at rei.com on the 21st. REI will ship to your local store for free, you just need to pick the item up. Living near the College Park store I've used this option a couple times.
  14. You can't charge batteries IN the 60 CSx, there is no circuitry for doing that.
  15. If you can, you might want to wait till near the end of March. There is a "wireless phone convention/show" in mid to late March (Can't thin of the name) and folks are speculating that Sprint will be making an announcement on some of their future Android phones. I've been "out of contract" since 11/08 and figure it's worth the 3-4 week wait to see if the HTC Hero's "big brother" is right around the corner.
  16. That won't help/matter because the OP purchased maps on an SD card. Oops, my bad... you're correct!
  17. As far as I know the 60 series is still limited to 2025 map "segments", and no amount of extra memory will change that. In Topo the segments are rather small, but there used to be a program around here someplace that would consolidate them into bigger chunks.
  18. I've been using Eneloop batteries for probably over a year in my GPSs and a small digital camera and think they are great. I love the way they retain their charge when they are not in use!
  19. The phones are upgradable, you upgrade the phone you have to Android to 2.0.
  20. Another good place to look for battery information is http://www.thomasdistributing.com/index.htm I've been using Sanyo Eneloop batteries and at home a MAHA MH-C9000 battery charger with real good results. I like the Eneloops because of their ability to hold their charge sitting around waiting to be used.
  21. You might also want to check the lighter outlet to make sure you didn't blow the fuse. I had that happen to me once.
  22. Garmin now has a section on their site for Mac software, check it out. I've been using the Mac software since it came out and have stopped running to my Wife's PC to get things done, if that says anything...
  23. Good, the loss of the "D"s kept me from going to 3.9, now I'll sure think of going to 4.0 in a week or two.
  24. The problem will probably turn out to be the third-party cable. I have used my 60CSx with my Mac and a Garmin Cable with no problems, and if I remember done a couple things to my wife's Vista HCx.
  25. +1 Especially after the mention of the shutdown after a recalculation. The loss of the WAAS "D"s doesn't bother me that much.
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