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Putting Pictures into a cache page--since update.

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Like everybody else, I think that the updated cache pages are great. However, I have just come across a small problem in the way that I use the system and wonder if anyone can help.


I am something of a dunce when it comes to understanding computers but, by trial and error over time, I had learnt how to get a picture embedded into my new cache pages. I used to upload the picture first as an image onto the page and then open it and copy the image page address into my HTML as an <IMG SRC=>. This was a jpg address and all seemed to work fine.


I am currently working on our 50th cache and today tried to upload a picture the same way but it doesnt seem to work and I notice that the webpage of the uploaded image is no longer in jpg format.


Whilst I appreciate that I could start my own webpage and put the picture on there, this could be difficult for a computer dunce like me and I wonder if there is still a way that I can achieve image implant using the geocaching site.


If you are prepared to respond to this cry for help, could I please ask that you keep your instructions very simple and in everyday language.


Many thanks..................

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I think I know what you mean - I had problems trying to post a g.com hosted picture earlier in the week, as the old method we used no longer works.


What I eventually got to work was to upload the pic as normal, then immediately the picture was uploaded (when you get the page with the picture you have uploaded) , click the picture and you will get the jpeg image on a seperate page.




Once the picture is uploaded click the edit link underneath the picture, and again click the picture when this page opens. It should open the hhttp://img.geocaching.com/cache/8758c8d6-359c-445f-b3ef-f04d17615927.jpg style page

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Many thanks Team Clova. Your second suggestion worked.


Thanks to Bolus Heathens too for your reply. The picture had an 'aeda' ending which I hadnt come across before rather than the usual 'jpg'. By following the second of Team Clovas suggestions, I got a version with the jpg ending that uploaded.

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I have always uploaded the pictures onto the page then afterwards clicked on them where they appear under the cache description. They would open up in a seperate page with the address for the jpeg in the address bar. It wasnt working like that last week and took me a while of going round in circles to find the method I used above.


I tried using my old method this morning and it worked fine as before!!! grrrrrr


i assume this must have been some sort of bug with the new gallery view

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The way I do it is this:

Write a note on one of your owned cache pages.

Upload a picture associated with the log.

Visit the picture as stated before, opened into a browser window of its own.

Copy the URL (regularly used ones - store URL in a txt file for easy re-use)

Confirm it works.

Delete note.

The picture doesn't appear on any cache page now but is stored on the servers for future use.


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