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  1. Although I managed to get the image address, it is not opening on the new cachepage now. Is the system down or something?
  2. Thanks, I'll try that. After sending the request, I tried to host the image on my website and add it to the cache page that way but I'm getting a message that I have to delete this? Is this something new?
  3. Hi I've done this many times before but since yesterday I am having a problem. The picture appears to have uploaded to the new cache's gallery but on the new cache page, the picture icon seems wrong and does nothing when clicked on. The edit function alongside works fine. I need this to work in order to include the image in the body of the cache page. Anyone else have this problem and any answers?
  4. Thanks for the link Max. Nice to know that it isnt just me. However, my question remains. Does anyone know of a way of getting the Geocaching app to 'talk' to any of the Compass apps available out there.
  5. I have previous used an android tablet and LocusPro when out as a back up for the GPS. Then I bought a new phone. I have loaded the Geocaching app on my new phone and most of it works fine. However, when I click on 'directions' I get the message "This device does not have a compass". This could well be the case as it wasnt one of my priorities when chosing which phone to buy. There are many compass apps around but does anyone know a way of getting the geocaching app to talk to any of them?
  6. How large does an image have to be before it is accepted as is and not tiled as the background image for a new cache. For a new Puzzlecache I have a logo which I want to be hidden at the centre of a background sheet of GeoGreen. However, each time I try, increasing the size each time, the image is tiled and the logo is visible several times around the page.
  7. Many thanks for all your advice. It has been most helpful. All the best ........................... John
  8. Good afternoon Hans I think that I have spotted the problem. I had been experimenting with the differences between GPX and GGZ. It looks as if I had a GGZ folder in the GPX file. I corrected that and it now seems to work fine. As the download starts I get a message to say that it exceeds 2000 and gives me the option to either grab just the first 2000 or the lot which in my case was 4871. I went for the full larger. I have attached the two pictures requested ( now it is working) in case you see anything in the settings of the Garmin Export that I should consider changing. Thanks for the continued interest.................................. John
  9. Good evening Hans. I tried a download using the macro and I thought everything was going Ok. With the Etrex connected to the PC, I can see the new file that has been created. Then after disconnecting and restarting the etrex, the 'Geocache' folder is empty. Must be doing something wrong but as yet havent been able to find out what. John
  10. Thank you Hans. I will give it another try tomorrow. I think that the message came from the Garmin unit . Following on from your possible explanation, does that imply that the 2000 waypoints could be in addition to 5000 caches from the GPX? I tried to load the caches as a gpi file which I used a long time ago . I still had a 'POI Loader' program which I used to use. Now , however, it only recognises csv or gpx files. How would you load POIs ?
  11. Thanks for the list but could I ask what exactly it means? I assume that it is an either /or list. I am interested purely from a Geocaching point of view and getting as many cache coordinates onto my 20x as I can When you talk about 2000 gpx files, does that mean 2000 caches listed on one GPX file? What does 5000 Geocaches mean? I tried to load 5000 caches on a gpx file from my GSAK to the 20x and I got a message that the maximum number of caches has been exceeded but it didnt tell me what it was. In what format can I get 5000 geocaches on?
  12. Does anyone know the maximum number of coordinates that this machine will hold and the best way to load them? I seem to remember that many moons ago I used to load caches on a gpi format but the machine doesnt seem to accept these now. My usual way of filling up my old GPS was with a gpx file but this machine doesnt seem to like that many files loaded in this way.
  13. In non technical language, could someone please tell me the main difference/s between a GPX file and a GGZ file. I use GSAK and usually download a GPX file from it into my GPS and also onto my tablet in the Locus App. Does the GGZ carries the same information, and if so, is there anything to be gained by changing?
  14. I had already tried a 32GB card which I had spare but it didnt fit although it looked the same shape to a casual glance. I will see what I have sitting around unused in other gadgets but even if a trip to the local supermarket is required, it isnt going to cost a fortune is it. Thanks for the comment about formatting, I could have missed that. Watch this space.
  15. The saga continues. As I said above, when I removed the card I got the GPS to 'wake up' but the PC wont acknowledge it. Looking at the SDcard with a card reader, there doesnt seem to anything amiss but as soon as I put it back in, it freezes again. Its only a 128mb card so I will see if a new card will solve the issue.
  16. The post from Bernard above has done the trick. I took out the memory card ( that I didnt know it had and certainly hadnt knowingly put anything on it), replaced the batteries and switched on. Bingo. Now that I have access to it again, I am sure that I can download everything that I need back onto it. I dont know if that will help your problem Odragon but it might be worth a try. Thanks again Bernard. Theres a pint in it for you when we next get over your way or if you get down to Devon. John Weary Banker
  17. Thanks for the reply Maurice. However, I cant try that because the computer doesnt recognise that the Garmin is connected and, because the keys are ineffective I cant use the usual proceedure to achieve this. Thanks for your reply Bernard. I have removed the card and will try to start up again just as soon as I have found the new batteries. I will keep you posted.
  18. I have had the Garmin GPSmap 60Cx for many years. It has served us well and has done everything that we have needed it to do. Suddenly, a couple of months ago, it froze on the first screen - none of the buttons have any effect and the only way to switch it off wass to disconnect the batteries. On the Garmin 'Help' forum, I was told to try to 'factory reset' . Unfortunately because when starting that process the 'Are you sure?' screen appears and, because all of the keys have frozen by that point, I cant answer, I can get no further. I went back to my Garmin Helper but was then told that they didnt support that series of GPS any more so , in so many words, tough luck. Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a way around it?
  19. Thanks for all of the comments and for confirming that it wasnt because of an unintended amendment made at my end. Obviously and for whatever reason, Groundspeak have decided that the small map in the top right hand corner was not needed. I believe that was a wrong decision but I cant seeing them changing that because of me. This string has moved on to a discussion of which maps are best and as interesting as that may be for some, I will leave you to it and bow out at this point.
  20. Thanks for all of the comments. Keep them coming. At least it wasnt something that I did to my settings! Its interesting to see what is coming out of this topic. If it is just a question of cost and there can be only one map, the way that I use the Cache sheet, it would be better, far better to have the one that has gone. That shows me the area of the cache immediately. If I am interested then I can look at the precise location on any of the choice of maps listed on the page. The option mentioned above, to zoom out the bottom map could work IF that could be a default setting. To have to do it each time click by laborious click, is too much of a pain and a total waste of time if it is an area that you dont want to visit anyway.
  21. In the many years that I have been caching, I have grown used to seeing a small map in the top right hand corner of cache pages which I had set to show the general area of the cache. This was in addition to another down at the bottom right of the page which showed the more specific location. I have become aware that the top one has now disappeared. Is this something that Groundspeak has changed in the page layout or, have one of my settings been changed. If the latter, can someone tell me which and how to change it back as I miss it.
  22. Can anyone suggest a free app for an iphone for caching abroad where not only will there be no wifi signal but the telephone signal will be unusable. I am looking to download a GPX file with all of the cache pages of the area and a map to show their locations. I use Locus pro on the tablet on which I have all this for off line use. I am now looking for something similar for the Iphone. Any offers?
  23. Although we have hidden many caches, I cant say that I have found a really successful type of paint to use on the basic plastic box. I am looking for something that wont easily chip and wont wear off with many rubbing hands opening the box. I rub down the surface with sandpaper first. I have tried several different types - even added a clear varnish to some but still havent found THE answer. What does anyone else use?
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