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Waypoints onto Tom Tom

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I have TomTom 5 on my PDA and usually just download all the caches from GeocacheUK.com, open the zip file and drop the two files into the main directory (or where other POI's are kept).


Sadly due to the restrictions now imposed, because of the problems this week, you can only download 100 caches not the 18,000 + as before. But I'm sure the ability will be back (i hope)


I'm sure there are other ways but this way works for me. :anicute:

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1 - file, export, Tom Tom POI file


2 - use the top drop down box to set the file to create


3 - set whatever options you want


4 - click generate


In the folder you specified in 2 above, there now should be two files with the name you specified - one an OV2 and the other a bmp file.

Copy these to the Great Britain Map folder on your pda or Tom Tom sat nav using whatever connection method is used for the device you're using. Depending on how you've connected them to your pc, the pda or TT device should show up as an additional drive and using My Computer or Windows Explorer you should be able to navigate to the map file.

They should then show up in Tom Tom all the time.


Hope this helps.

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Re above from CrazyL200 -- I do the same but also note you can have as many POI files as you want - just export from GSAK the databases as TT POI files (remember to give them unique names!!) and copy the two files generated (for each database you export - ov2 and bmp) into the TT UK map folder. I usually keep a POI file of my 'local' caches in the TT (which I update every week) and then load up another POI file for any locations we are off to for the day.



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