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Isis Adventure

Ben Pid

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Well I just found out about this thing, a guy has just started where I work and used to work in this area.


Something about finding spheres that lead you to cash prizes etc....


All the information is here:




To be honest this is the first I had heard of it, and I am just wondering if any of you guys here play it....


Says Geocaching.com is involved....




They might be privately in negotiations with Groundspeak, but as far as I'm aware the only connection they have to GC is a link on their web page. As they are a commercial enterprise, any cache they submitted would first have to be approved by Groundspeak before publishing.

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Think the only link to geocaching is the fact some of the clues use/used co-ords...


Unlike caching, where if you can't find the cache, you post a DNF.


If you can't find the hidden globe, you can buy one for £99 :D


They are rather like puzzle caches, well thought out, and needing a bit of research, local knowledge and so on. THINK I managed to solve where the one in Cheshire was, but was unable to get there to look -now it's been found. :D


In caching, it would still be there for another to find!



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