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Caching in Newfoundland

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There are a lot of caches in St John's, several within walking distance of downtown. I was there last year at the beginning of May and I managed to get a few even if I was on foot. Signal Hill definitively has great scenery. Especially the trail that goes around the hill (scary if you don't like heights, but very very nice view).


Also, while you are there, you can get one of the Great White North Geotour caches : GCXDZ8

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We have decided to go to St. John's for this trip. Thanks for the heads up on the GREAT WHITE NORTH GEOTOUR. Now that seems like a challenge. Maybe could get a few of them this summer.


The easiest way to find some is to entera postal code for St. John's and then use the googlemap feature. You will comeup with several, that's what did earlier the spring. Try A1B 1W1.




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My family and I are going to be in Newfoundland for two weeks this summer and I'm telling everyone it is my "dream" vacation. And it is. We're going to start in St. John's, then spend some time on the Avalon Peninsula, then up to Bona Vista, Twillingate, then a quick jaunt over to Gros Morne. By then we'll be out of time, so we'll have to fly back across the island.


I haven't started researching caches yet, but I recall a few years ago reading a desription that went something like this:


"An area most tourists miss... walk 300m through the forest... when you come to cliff with the lighthouse..."


Oh, yeah!

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Here are some postal codes from across the island. They will key you in to some communities:

Pse note, codes are read as Letter Figure Letter Figure Letter Figure

Codroy - A0N 1H0

Corner Brook A2H 4K3

Pasadena - A0l 1K0

Springdale - A0J 1T0

Gander - A1V 1W2

Clarenville - A0E 1J0

St. John's - A1B 1E7

You can also try www.kittiwakecoast.ca/geo/geo.html for their list of caches.

Hope you enjoy your trip. Good Luck. PTYFNA.

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Thanks everyone for your tips. We spent a week in Newfoundland and had such a great time. We were continually on the move and saw fantastic scenery, whales, birds but missed the moose. Most of the caches we found were really in really good spots that took us to a location of interest. I especially enjoyed the surprise of Na Geira's Treasure and Hopeall's First as I hadn't read the cache page. Don't miss the mine tour on Bell Island. We'll have to go back to explore other areas and maybe stay longer next time. Thanks all.

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